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A quiet evening at home

Posted by laurie on May 25, 2012

(Hint: when an otherwise good photo turns out blurry, I’ll apply an artistic filter to distract you.)

While we ate dinner last night the boys gathered next to the sliding glass door here and commenced barking and howling at whatever was happening next door. They didn’t go outside, they just stood there and barked, drowning out our fascinating dinnertime conversation. So Phillip got up, opened the door and pushed them out. Can you guess what happens next? Correct, they galloped around the corner to the doggy door and ran back inside. This is not an uncommon occurrence. I love dinner at home.

25 Responses to “A quiet evening at home”

  1. Laurie – you are making me re-think getting a doggie door.

    • Ximmi and Kammi said

      All you have to do is push the dogs out and lock the doggie door. Then you just listern to them tap the door to see if its been opened back up. The only other issue is they then come back to the glass door and stare at you while you try to eat in peace.

    • Harper said

      I still highly recommend it… Whisky Girl Beagle wasn’t “100%” house trained… when she had to go in the middle of the night, and we weren’t there to open the door, we had little puddles the next morning (rental house… and yes, we paid for the carpet cleaning when we moved out 🙂 ) I sleep like a ROCK so most things don’t wake me up. One of the biggest selling points for the house we bought is that it has the dog door built into the wall into the backyard off the 4th bedroom (aka, the dogs room).
      I will admit, if the neighbor’s daughter’s dogs are in their backyard (we share a back fence), ours go NUTS barking… doesn’t matter what time.
      And again we have the super size dog door for the Lab & Shepard; Barts is a field Basset, so he’d fit in a Beagle-sized door… but I don’t worry much about 2 or 4 footed critters; our big pups are great deterrents, and between the Cat, Bartles, and I suspect Shotzy as well, no critters get in, except the ones they bring in (dead birds, dead rat, dead gopher).
      Tang (with Bartles or Shotzy, I think it was Shotzy), wounded a gopher mother’s day weekend… my husband promptly killed it with a rake and tossed it… and two days ago I was out doing my dog doo pick up and ball time with the big pups, when I noticed Bartles chewing on something… I made him drop it (it took me 5 or 6 “drop its” to achieve it) and it was a baby bird … still alive… my hubby picked it up with a paper towel and took it out front… I hope it made it…. covered in Basset drool and dirt… and then later Barts found another dead baby bird…. ug. We’ve been having some high winds here on the Central Coast of California… not fun.
      Sorry I’m off on tangents… I haven’t had a chance to post and now I’m babbling!!!!

      Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!! And don’t forget to pause at 3:00 your local time on Monday to recognize our soldiers’ sacrifices and thank our Veterens for their service.

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    What happened to the May 24 comment box? I was going to say something about scat mats for the trash can problem, but the comments for May 24 had disappeared!

  3. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    That is pretty funny. Beagles – gotta love ’em.

  4. Karen S. said

    So you had a beagle cuckoo clock!

  5. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Don’t you just love them? Barney will go thru the living room down the hall and into the kitchen thru the dinning room when he is exiled from the kitchen. hahahaha

  6. Gloria said

    At our house it is not uncommon for our beagle Suzie to be on one side of the patio door longng to get in while the cat, Sam is on the other side of the patio dorr longing to get out. Pets got to love ’em.

  7. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    I like the filter idea. I’m going to try on some of my fuzzy underwater shots. Maybe it will work?

    Still would welcome ideas on how to keep Spencer out of the trash at midnight. Last night I just made sure that everything was outside.

    Also, Laurie, I keep having to type by email address and name every time. It used to come up automatically. Is there some setting that changed?

    • Karen S. said

      I have a “bullet” garbage can. No dog can get into it! It’s truly a gift from God!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      If you go online on and type “scat mats” in the Search box, you can see the type of scat mats we’ve bought to keep our darlings out of trouble. Probably one of these under the trash can would keep Spencer out of the trash!

    • laurie said

      Sorry, Donna, I have no control over that. Sounds like you don’t have a cookie set. You could ask WordPress support:

      • Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

        Thanks. I’ll check my cookie set. LIke I know what that is! That’s okay, I have to always type in my secret question answers every time I log onto my bank account. It must be a cookie set thing.

      • Harper said

        I have my online banking set up that it asks me the question every time I log on…. for my bank (Rabobank) there’s a setting when you log on that asks if it’s a public computer and you’re only accessing your bank account on that computer once… if you check it, then it doesn’t ask your secret question.
        Hope that helps.

    • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      I missed the discussion yesterday about this, but we solved the trash surfing by buying a can that has a lid you open by stepping on a foot pedal. It was I’m thinking maybe $40 ? at Target.

      • Harper said

        We have a plastic trash can with the lid with the foot pedal; so far so good, though Bartles will go over and poke at it every now and again… he just hasn’t figured out how to get into it/knock it over yet (knocking on wood).
        The Bullet trash can isn’t something that I’ve heard of, but now I’m curious!

      • Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

        Silly, that doesn’t work. They just use their nose to push it open. The foot pedal can be override by the beagle nose. My beagles are very athletic as I take them to the park every day. Yikes.

      • Karen S. said

        Before I got my bullet garbage can I was living in a condo with a plastic garbage can in the kitchen. And I had my second beagle ever, a puppy named Winky. So I come home one day and discover that Winky had emptied the garbage onto the kitchen floor. Not only that, but she’d also taken 2 pilows from the couch and left them on top of the mess!

  8. Harper said

    I tried to send a comment yesterday, but forgot my password to WordPress and by the time I got it reset the site had kicked me off and my comment was gone… I keep forgetting my passwords… DUH.

    Anyway, great story today. Ours are fairly well-behaved at dinner time, if we aren’t eating on TV Trays in the living room. Shotzy’s head/chin sits right at the perfect table level… after a “go lie down”, they generally just leave us alone. Of course, I feed them before I feed us, so that helps.

    I’ve been sort of messing around with Snapseed on my IPhone and have a great picture of Shotzy that I made black & white. Now if I could just get my printer to work with the photo paper I bought!
    I did another picture of Bartles the Basset curled up right next to Tang the Cat on our bed… I did it in “grunge” and it came out super cool.

    Okay, so my message yesterday was long, so I’ll shorten it here and simply add my hugs for Susan & Jordan, Kate & Kramer, and ChristyABC (for your comment on when to let go)…
    Having gone through cancer and a sick beagle just last September/October and losing her in October, I know all too well the heartache of having a sick pup and not being able to do one darn thing to fix it… I think that I pushed the limit on when we let Whisky Girl go, but it was breaking my heart the thought of her not being alive anymore and with us… She was still happy and tail wagging and her eyes were still bright, but she was physically past the point. I thank God for my husband… he had the strength to tell me it was time, and be my rock through the whole thing, even though he was hurting as much as I.
    I think I’ll be going through this whole process again soon with my horse. He was pretty bad this winter, but now that it’s warm he’s better; he’s only 24, but arthritic and definitely showing an older age… I want to be humane, but I don’t want to cut his life short. It’s a damn hard decision to make.
    So hugs and prayers for Jordan & Kramer & Susan & Kate.

    Now, can someone tell me how to find DD once I logged onto WordPress?! I’m not usually this computer inept, but I’ve got two screens going… DUH.

    • Karen S. said

      Why not stay logged on?

      Go to dd directly here:

      • Harper said

        Maybe that’s my problem. I can’t stay logged on all the time, since usually I’m checking from my phone, and I shut down the computers when not in use. If I stayed logged on, it would drain my battery. So, I use my shortcut to get to the DD, and then a second online tab to log onto WordPress. I just must be missing something in the WordPress menu to get me to the DD.

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