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Captain Kramer

Posted by laurie on May 28, 2012

Phillip is marching in the Memorial Day parade today, not just as the Deputy Mayor but as a veteran. This is the flight suit he used to wear when flying a B-52. Please take a moment today to think about all the soldiers who never made it home.

12 Responses to “Captain Kramer”

  1. Laura said

    “In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
    In Flanders fields.”

    Thank you for your service, Philip

    • Linda UK said

      How I hope for a time when no-one needs to fight….
      Lovely words, Laura.

    • harperlea said

      Yes very lovely words, Laura

      Thank you Phillip and all who have served and those who serve still. We would not be America without you.

      Phillip, looking good in your flight suit!

  2. Karen S. said

    Thank you Phillip and all veterans, and thank you especially all who paid the ultimate price.

    Phillip looks great in his flight suit.

  3. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    My brother was a Marine for 12 years. At one point he was accepted into the Marine Embassy Guard program. The original plans was two years of a not so desirable duty station followed by two years of a more desirable duty station. After graduating from the special Marine Guard program the first three assignment of undesirable duty stations in order was 1. Yemen 2. Tehran, Iran 3. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Because he was third on the list he went to Addis Ababa. This was 1979 and if he had been second on the list he would have been in the embassy in Tehran, Iran that was overtaken by the Iranian Islamist Students and he would have served his country for 444 days held hostage. So on Memorial Day I always think of the men and women who served our country, good or bad, and have help our country at whatever price.

    • Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

      p.s. Now I know why Phillip is called Captain Siding and not Sargent Siding or Colonial Siding. Way to go that you still fit into your flight suit

  4. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Most certainly a heartfelt Thank you Philip and all others who have served (and serving) this great country. Many thanks to all, and a special prayer and thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, indeed.

  5. mama said


  6. Scott and Scout said

    Happy and Thankful Memorial Day to all. Ah….B-52 and barefoot. Those were the days….

  7. Mom to Sam and Sweetums said

    Laura, how well I remember in Flanders field as this poem made an impression on me as a child. We would hear it read at the Memorial Day service as we waited for my mother’s brother’s name to be read-he was MIA in WWII and was one of the last bodies to be returned. It is even more meaningful as I am a veteran myself of Vietnam War. I do appreciate all those who have gone ahead of us ensuring our freedom.

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