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What’s for dinner?

Posted by laurie on June 4, 2012

We’ve been feeding Merrick dog food for many years. We used to mix kibble and canned, then went to all kibble with a side order of canned pumpkin or chicken broth. Phillip suggested that we feed them kibble in the morning and canned at night. Good idea! But how much of the canned? I emailed Merrick’s customer support and they sent back a feeding chart. For active dogs 21-50 pounds, they reccommend a total of 2-3 1/2 cups of kibble per day, or 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 cups of canned.

Seem high to you? Me, too! They get 1/2 cup of kibble twice a day, which is 1/2 of their recommendation. I don’t think so! We are going with 1/2 cup of kibble in the morning and a half can for supper. Stanley could probably eat less as he’s still somewhat chubby, and the bathing suit season is fast approaching.

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