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Rhymes with uzi

Posted by laurie on June 8, 2012

Yesterday was the opening day of summer camp and our first camper is Vous, Phillip’s sister Sara’s sheltie. Vousie (as she is better known) is about 1-1/2. She’s very sweet and playful as Tuie was, but considerably quieter. Tuie and Stanley vied for the title of noisiest nuisance barker, but Vousie isn’t even in the running. Such a good girl! She’s smart, too, having learned immediately about the importance of eating when your bowl is placed on the floor. She briefly walked away and that was the end of that. This weekend we’re going to teach her how to herd the beagles, which I think could be quite useful.

Amber, my sincere condolences on the loss of Eddie (see yesterday’s comments). We all know the pain, and share it with you.

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