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Open for discussion: June 14

Posted by laurie on June 14, 2012

20 Responses to “Open for discussion: June 14”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I’m going to the dog park today to check on the hole in the fence. Last Sunday I took Cody and Henry there. I was talking to a couple of people and keeping an eye on Henry, who was at the end of the park (his favorite place for smells), hooting and moving up and down the slatted fence. All of a sudden I saw he was on the OTHER side of the fence! Another guy who was there with his dog and I ran around the perimeter of the dog park fence and managed to catch him. As soon as Henry got back into the park he went straight to the hole again (which I think HE made in the fence!). When we tried to keep him away he actually snarled a little bit, at which point I said “Enough for today” and took them both home. On Monday I called the public works department of the city to let them know about the hole, but will check on it before the boys go again. I’d bet money that Henry will head over there as soon as he gets to the park again on Sunday!

  2. Does your dog park have an area for small dogs and a separate one for large ones ? Ours doesn’t and it seems like the small ones always get run over by the large ones. I was thinking of asking the township if they would think about having a separation for the two sizes. I don’t know if it is common for dog parks to be split up this way. Thanks Audrey

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      A dog park just opened here in Rochester, NY and they do have 2 separate play areas for different sized dogs. Also, I’ve been to one in PA and it was separate. The little dogs could go into the big dog area, but the big dogs could not go into the little dog area. Good luck!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      No, it’s all one area. I’ve heard there is another dog park about 10 miles from the one we go to and that it’s 10 acres, all fenced in. I also heard that someone took her 5 dogs there, and as they were leaving one dog got off his leash and ran. It took her about 3 hours to corral him and get him back on his leash!

      I watch Cody and Henry pretty closely when there are other dogs in the park, especially big ones. So far we have had no problems (as long as the owners are responsible and watch their own dogs!)

    • Karen S. said

      A big dog could crush a little dog just by playing. It’s not safe.

  3. Joan said

    We have a fabulous dog park that is wooded so our beagles love to hunt. When they start to “sing” we often get asked if our dog is ok. We always say they are just happy and on a scent. Doing what beagle do.

  4. All our parks in the DFW area have two seperate areas. When Jake was a little more husky (in his young age) he looked like he was over the weight limit and when he would bay as he chased I would get dirty looks from the other dog owners. LIke my Jake would hurt one of their little dogs. We have tried to take Lily but she is such a little monster, I can’t trust her with other dogs. She just won’t back down that she actually starts fights. I have kicked myself out of the dog parks. No biggie because Jake is so old and fraile, we don’t want to put him in any situatoin that could be too hard on him. Lily just gets to chase the squirrels and bunnies at home now and Jake gets to stay inside the air conditioning and sleep. Maybe the next one will be a good dog park dog…

  5. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I have never taken my dogs to a dog park. Any suggestions for first timers?

  6. Susan in DE said

    The dog park near us has separate areas for big and little dogs. It is tough, as our two also are an “in between” size. But I’ve only taken Josie and Jordan a few times, because I don’t think they really enjoy it. They greet the other dogs briefly, and then spend the rest of the time either sniffing around, or begging treats from the other humans, so what’s the point? And there are safety issues — the very first time we took Josie (before we had Jordan), these two women and a passle of kids with one little dog had both gates open at the same time and Josie took off. We hadn’t had her very long, but long story short, thankfully she headed for the field instead of the street, and I had food in my pocket. I got close enough when she was busy sniffing something to show her the food and managed to grab her. I was frantic and furious, so no matter how careful you are, other stupid people can put your dogs at risk.

  7. harperlea said

    Our area in California (central coast) has a few dog parks, and most have separate areas for big and little dogs. I like our newest one because the sign says “small or timid” dogs… My German Shepard is SOOOOOOOO WIMPY that the last two times, most of the time her tail was tucked. She seemed to do a little better with the small pups, tho still skittish. Bartles the Basset can do either size and is happy cruising around and sniffing and marking. Our areas even have the entry ways so you can unleash your pup before you get into the play area… No leash, typically no protective mode by the dogs.
    And I’m a worrier, so I’m always watching my pups to make sure they’re safe and not bothering others.

  8. Luke and Jackson's Mom and Dad - Therese and Larry said

    We have a new rescue beagle about 2 years old who is quite dog aggresive on walks. I don’t know how to deal with this yet, how to introduce him to other dogs on a walk and afraid of what would happen at a dog park. Any suggestions?

    • Susan in DE said

      Fortunately, I haven’t personally had to deal with this. It’s a topic that would take more than a quick post on a blog to address, I think, because there are so many variables. Once again, on my soapbox about how great The Whole Dog Journal is, and they also sell books on different topics, including dog-on-dog agression. Here’s a link, this might be a good resource for you:

      Best of luck!

    • I was watching the TV show ” Dog in the City” last night and found it interesting. The dog trainer makes things look so easy.
      He had a client – with a pit bull – who was very agressive – and showed her how to walk him , so that the dog did not lead, the master lead and kept the dog about one pace behind. Trainer said that it made the dog less agressive – because they were not in a protective mode – with the owner – and not walking ” on point” but following the owners lead. I thought to myself – yea – right – try getting a beagle not to pull on the leash out in front of me. But according to this trainer guy, once you get the dog to follow your lead, they will just be able to meet other dogs and not be the agressor. Makes sense to me – but then again, that is why this guy is on TV and I’m not !

      • harperlea said

        LOL… Yeah it all looks so easy!
        I used a gentle lead on Whisky …she hated it, but it worked … I use one on Shotzy Shepard and it works….
        And just for added info, Shotzy is so skittish at the dog Parks she doesn’t play, so no worries about possible injury to smaller dogs. That and being raised by a beagle she has a very healthy respect for small dogs 🙂

  9. We walk to the dog park every morning because it is so close to my place. Luana, our park is run by the City, so if you were going to our dog park, then the hole would be replaced by October sometime. Good Luck. The City actually turned off the sprinklers AFTER volunteers seeded the dirt to save money. Now they are back on and there is a good amount of mud. Let me know if your area is more responsive to problems.

    We have a small and big dog park, connected by a small double gated “receiving” area. Mostly in the morning the group is pretty civilized and we usually don’t have problems. If there is a problem, we just leave. The only morning regular that uses the small dog park has two crazed cocker spaniels and she uses the small park more like a holding pen for her dogs so they don’t attack the other dogs. Kind of feel sorry for her, she lives in an apartment and needs to get them out to run but they are sooo bad. I wouldn’t allow that behavior at all.

    Big dogs (18 pounds or more) aren’t suppose to go in the small park, but we have for the odd reason and if someone comes with a little tiny thing and they look nervous we leave. I think the small park should be for small, old and timid dogs.

    I could go on and on about dog park stuff. I’ve seen so much. I could write a book or better yet, start a reality show.

    For first time I would go when it isn’t crowded, morning, weekday mid-day. Unleash the dog at the gate, keep you leash very handy in case you need to hook them up and get them out or away from something. Keep them away from the gate, dogs get territorial with new dogs coming in. DO NOT pick up your dog for any reason. They will become immediate prey. If you have a “chuckit” ball thrower do not hold the ball up above your upper body, the dogs will leap up and try to get it and possibly push you. Do not bring in special toys, balls and especially squeaky toys. And most important, which I really can’t believe anyone does, DO NOT bring any food into the park. My beagles have had their fair share of egg mcmuffins, donuts, cookies, etc. And it pisses me off! I don’t want them eating that stuff and if people try to get the food away from them then they have the potential to get bitten.

    Okay, is that enough? Watch for the new show, The Dog Park Guys, starting Uncle Gino and Mick the Brit!

    • harperlea said

      Well stated, Donna.
      I took a ball for Shotzy but she wasn’t up to playing and I ended up leaving it (one of many I have at home, so not special).

    • donnabeaglemama said

      Oh yeah. The bad bad cocker’s name is Sweety. Isn’t that cute

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Hi Donna – I went to the dog park after work today and found that, yes, they DID fix the hole! Still – when I take Cody and Henry there this Sunday I’m going to watch Henry carefully. I think he’ll be heading right to the place where he got out last week. I’ll let everybody know when we get back.

  10. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    We don’t have dog parks in the UK – we’re lucky to have a few fully enclosed fields near us but a proper dog park where we could let them off would be wonderful.

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