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Open for discussion: June 19

Posted by laurie on June 19, 2012

27 Responses to “Open for discussion: June 19”

  1. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Good morning, all! Well, Friday is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and I am fortunate enough that the library allows us to do that. The day recognizes the need for people to adopt, rescue, or foster a dog (specifically) in need. So, God be willing, Mr. Kramer will go with me to work!! I can’t wait. He’s gone with me the last 2 years. Unfortunately, my other Beagle mix Gandolf will stay home, as he is dog aggressive, and people nervous. He’s more content to stay home. How about “you”? Anyone else participating??

    • I work at home so it’s always take your dog to work day. When I quit my agency job back in 2007 and started freelancing, the first day of work my late little beagle Cecil was in my office with me keeping me company. At one point he got up to get a drink of water in the kitchen, but half way down the hall he stopped, turned, and ran back to check that I was actually there. Once he was completely satisfied that I wasn’t going anywhere, he went to get his drink of water.

    • Susan in DE said

      I do hope Kramer is well enough to attend!

  2. Karen S. said

    I can’t participate. I’ve been out of work.

  3. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I hope Kramer is able to go with you. I could never take Cody or Henry (not that my place of work would allow it!). Cody would be too restless and Henry would “mark” anything he found interesting.

    I took the boys to the dog park again last Sunday and kept an eagle eye on Henry along the fence line. TWICE he tried to burrow under the slatted fence area and I had to pull his head back or the rest of his body would have followed! Needless to say, he got a couple of scoldings and a swat on the butt. I know that won’t keep him from doing it again, so from now on I have to watch him carefully when we go.

  4. Joan said

    Unfortunately we can’t bring our pets in. We usually celebrate by showing off our dogs with photos on our cubes.

  5. Susan in DE said

    It’s not even recognized here, unfortunately … but I don’t think it ever will be in corporate banking. They do have Bring Your Kid to Work day, and I always complain that my beags would get more out of it than most of the kids that are here and bored to death (being on conference calls, replying to emails, and updating technical specs isn’t even interesting to my adult friends, let alone kids. ;->). Josie and Jordan would wander around begging snacks and attention.

  6. Eleanore said

    Just wondering if anyone watched “One Nation Under Dog” last night? I don’t have HBO, but a friend called me who was watching the show and she was crying. Said it was so sad. Then 10 minutes later called and said she couldn’t watch it any longer. Too sad. Just wondering what others thought of the show.

    • Nancy J said

      Heard about that show and decided I wasn’t able to watch it. There is one I do want to see and that is called “Shelter Me”. It is (or will be) on PBS stations. Some areas of the country have already aired it. Here in Iowa, it will be on in October. This one is more upbeat, positive and very, very rescue oriented. It was sponsored by Ellen DeGeneres and her Halo foods company. It will also introduce to many folks who don’t know about it. That website donates TONS of Halo food to shelters just from the clicks by people who visit the site.

      I have brought 2 of my pups to work when I needed to take them to the vet (we live almost an hour away from where I work). I manage the warehouse, so it’s easy to keep them squirreled away back here and everybody really likes to see them.

  7. ChristyACB said

    I didn’t watch that show because I wanted to hear what other dog folks said before. The last thing I need is more heartbreak over the doggies.

    We don’t recognize the bringing dog to work day here either…military, ya know…so it’s just another day of missing the hounds. 🙂

  8. Spunky's Mom said

    It’s not allowed where I work. In a building of 800 people, I guess that makes sense……it would be doggy chaos! Spunky would love hanging out with all the people, but not so much the other dogs. Like Josie and Jordan, she’d spend the day looking for handouts, using her “my mom never feeds me and I might die” look.

  9. I am trying my hardest to get my higher-ups to allow us to bring our dogs to work. Thankfully the one germaphobe in the office is out, so hopefully it’ll be an easy case to plead :). I brought Jake to work when he was a puppy. I got him passed security by playing it off that he was in a photo shoot for one of our commercials. He was a good boy and spent most of his time trying to get to the kitchen. He had so many treats (and not the doggie kind) that he went home and slept the kind of sleep only a food coma can induce. I hope to bring Lily to work this year. Jake has to stay home due to his demntia. I am trying to help him by not chaning his routine or surroundings. It’s hard because he was always my companion going places.

    Isn’t it sad that some of our hounds would be better behaved than some of the kids that come into the office!

  10. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Where I work we have an open, hot-desk sweatshop – er, office environment, so no dogs. Years ago (same company) we had normal cubes and I brought my beagle Kichwa to work during our quarter end close. It was an overnight thing and a bunch of us had decided to bring our dogs so we could have fun during the downtimes while our jobs ran and stuff. it was fun, too – we played fetch and did some wiener dog races down the aisles. We had doggy and human treats at various milestones in the processing.

    We still do not know who pooped in the tax department.

  11. Tuckers Dad said

    I work at home so everyday is bring your dog to work day. I have a dog bed in my office so Tucker spends part of the day sleeping there. At around 5 pm all three beagles will come to the office and lay on the floor to remind me it is time for their dinner. What isn’t good is when I am on a call and the girls decide to start singing. Fortunately almost everyone I talk to knows I am at home and I have 3 beagles.

  12. Bailey & Gypsy & Trents dad said

    I brought Bailey to work many years ago when he was a pup. It was on a weekend and I was one of the few in the building..
    He pee’d in my bosses office….it was unoccupied at the time…no harm no foul…
    Now I’d have to bring all three in…I think Bailey and Gypsy would be happy to sleep in my office…Trent..not so much…he’d want to shred all my papers…

  13. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I am in a small office 10 peeps. We all have multiple dogs, but out manager (very nice to work for) is a cat person. I know not to even ask, but it’s not advertised much around these parts. Would love to bring them. They also would be sleeping from a food coma, much begging would take place for sure.

    Enjoy your day with your babies. I too hope that Kramer can participate. Give him some hugs from me.

  14. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Our Managing Director brings his Retriever, Cassie, into work most days. She’s about 12 and a rescue, she used to be used as a puppy mill until Bob rescued her and she’s completely devoted to him. It’s lovely having a dog wandering around the office (especially if you’ve got anything to eat of course!). If I took the beags in I’d never get any work done and at lunchtime I’d have to physically restrain them from going after lunches!!! My husband is retired now so they’re happy at home with him and I only work part time, so I’m not away from them for long.

  15. Scooby's Mom said

    I will be bringing Scooby to work. I work mostly in the back room of a fishing store. He has come to work before, usually on our way to the vet. I have to drive past work to get to the vet, so sometimes we stop in to see “Dad”. (Brian, my husband, & I work together.) Since we go home for lunch every day I will bring him only in the afternoon. Scooby would get too tired if it was a full day.

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom, Kate said

      Luckily I only work a half day, otherwise Kramer would be beside himself with exhaustion. 🙂

  16. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    The CEO brings his dog daily- a shih tzu. She has a chair in his office. The secretary brings her dog in when she has to go to the groomers with it. Another guy used to bring his lab. I have never brought the beags because 1) I’m afraid they’d look at the CEO’s dog as a chew toy (NOT GOOD!), and 2) I think Onyx would bark fiercely to protect me (I work in a part of the office away from others, so every time the door opened, she’d be barking). I only work 3 minutes from home, so I go home every day on my lunch and get snuggle time.

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom, Kate said

      A lunchtime snuggle sounds wonderful. 🙂

      • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

        We have a routine. I go home, get greeted with lots of barks and tail wags, and Onyx brings me her toy. I make my lunch, beagles at my feet. I sit down to watch the noon news and eat my lunch, while dogs sit adoringly at my feet (yes, it’s me they adore- not the food!LOL!) Then I take the dishes to the kitchen, and come back to the living room to curl up and take a power nap. Cobalt waits for me on the end of the couch, then curls up at my feet and Onyx usually takes the floor in front of me. Same thing every day. It’s such a nice break!

  17. Mom to Sam and Sweetums said

    I am a college professor and not sure everyone would be ok with this idea plus Sam would be looking for people for all kinds of rewards as he is a real people person and Sweetums would be prying open drawers as she is extremely food driven. Sounds like fun if I could really do it!

  18. Liz Fyfe said

    Hello All,
    If any of you are on Facebook, please ‘Like’ and share this with your friends. A former medical research beagle about 2 years young, fresh out of the lab and recently adopted in February, has gone missing while camping with her family. The family has conducted searches, tracked her scent, and now is a very critical time. They need help!
    Thank you!!/HelpFindValentine

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