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Maybe later

Posted by laurie on June 20, 2012

If I were to list my personal failings, procrastination would be on top. The stuff I put off (and off and off and off) is just ridiculous. For example, I’ve been meaning to frame the lovely certificate we got last year when we renewed our vows on our 20th anniversary. I’ve also been meaning to frame the one we got for our 10th. Everyone procrastinates, of course, including Phillip, and especially when it comes to some chores around the house. We had the beaglefest on May 5th and this cooler (plus another) only went into the basement last Saturday. I can barely recognize the Taj Ma Patio with them. By the way, it was his idea to share this with all of you. What have you put off lately?

21 Responses to “Maybe later”

  1. Susan H ann said

    Oh you would have to go a ways to surpass me – I am the Queen of Procrastinators! I moved into my house 25 years ago and I still have boxes in the garage that I haven’t unpacked!

  2. Karen S. said

    A better question might be, what haven’t I put off lately? On the other paw, the dogs never put anything off, be it napping, eating, barking or whatever.

  3. Susan in DE said

    I had to think about the procrastination question a little, there hasn’t been anything really major recently (which is a good thing). I do keep looking at the grubby, greasy flap for the dog door and thinking, “Man, I need to take that off and soak it, it’s gross.” But it’s nothing life threatening, so it stays grubby.

    I have been meaning to bug a few of my friends to find some time to get together, so now that I’m talking about it, maybe I’ll go take care of that. :->

  4. I’m a writer. If you know any writers they’ll tell you that we procrastinate until the 11th hour. There are days that we would rather scrub the toilet rather than sit down and write. In fact, I just might do that right now.

  5. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Rebecca- writers, procrastinate? HAHAHA! That’s like saying Beagles like to eat. šŸ™‚ I’m a fellow writer, and don’t know any writers who don’t procrastinate. Case in point- a friend wrote a beautiful tribute to her father for Father’s Day on her blog this year. She said she was ‘finally’ getting around to it- her father died in 1989.

    What have I procrastinated? Well, last Christmas someone put an idea in my head to make more crafty things, and I decided to open an Etsy shop. At that time, my goal was to have it opened by my bday (2 weeks ago). But I put off making things, and then realized I was in a crunch. Now vacation is in 10 days, so I’ve put off the opening until mid July. But I truly am working on my projects now so I’ll have a nice little inventory when it opens!

    Each Friday I make myself a weekend to do list. Sometimes, things get floated from this week to next to next and after a few weeks, they finally get finished and crossed off the list. I should just stop making lists.

    Here I thought the coolers were going to reveal that you had a broken frig and the beagles had to help you eat everything!

  6. Kate H. said

    I have three really handsome photo albums just waiting for all the pictures I have lying around the house. Think I bought the albums two years ago . . . they’re pretty dusty right now, leaning against an obscure wall in our family room. Yup, gonna get to it sometime. Soon. Maybe.

  7. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    I saw the pic and thought “That’s how we clean our coolers too!”

    As for procrastination, it’ll be easier and consume much less bandwidth if I can just point out a few things I finally stopped procrastinating about:
    – colonoscopy (only 8.75 years late)
    – cleaned out my freezer
    – there should be a third bullet point but I’ll have to think of something and fill it in later.

  8. We had a bad rain storm in March And looking out our living room windows to our view of the canal and palm trees it looks like it is snowing outside. Cleaning the windows IS a joint effort but it doesn’t take much to talk me out I’d it, even cleaning the toilet.

    Rebeca, my first 20year career was in the ad business. I’m the one that had to book the ads and ask for extensions. I always used to complain Why was it that the creative department only could get creative at 4:30 pm? Especially in the real old days when I would have to run things to the airport for deadlines. Okay, Why?

  9. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I am in good company. I love to quilt and make things. I will start something, make good headway and then? A couple of days before it needs to be shipped, or the party or whatever I’ll get started on it again. Can’t tell you how many all nighters I pulled in the past. Can’t do that anymore, but will still wait until the last min to finish something. If it wasn’t for the last min nothing would get done….There should really be a deadline on cleaning the house. hahahaha

  10. Scooby's Mom said

    I have put off cleaning the beagle spit from our living room window. Scooby has a “window-chair” (with doggy steps to his chair), and whenever a dog walks by, or a cat saunters through our yard, or a bird lands on our grass, or a leaf is blown by the wind, etc., he barks like a mad man & gets beagle spit all over the window. I could clean it every day & it still wouldn’t stay clean. So why bother? lol

  11. Baci's mom said

    Some time in the next year or so, I want to move from a three-bedroom townhouse full of the detritus of two people’s lifetimes into something much smaller (now that my household is just one person). There’s so much work to do, deciding what to keep, what to toss, what to give away, what to sell. Where should it go? Who could use it? Is it all just junk after all? So, yes, I am a championship procrastinator. One look at the garage or the basement, and I can find any number of ways to put it off. Because, tomorrow is another day, and right now Baci wants to go for a walk.

    • There is a national organization of bonded professionals that will help you “move” and decide what to keep. I know one of them from the dog park. I have been gently suggesting this to my parents for a year. They are independent and aren’t emotionally involved. They charge of course but if you have time you can hire them for projects throughout the year and not overwhelm yourself. Maybe that will help. I know my mom couldnt do it by herself and my dad would throw everything away.

  12. Patr said

    Cleaning out closets. They are FULL from moving in 9 years ago! But I have a good excuse, I have lap beagles that require all my at home time.

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