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Open for discussion: June 21

Posted by laurie on June 21, 2012

18 Responses to “Open for discussion: June 21”

  1. Rebecca Campbell said

    Does anyone else have a problem with their Beagle “slapping” them in the face? Hubby and I are frequently rudely awakened at night by the two younger Beags, Pete and Penny, slapping at our faces to get our attention. Pete will also knead my hair like a kitten. We keep their nails trimmed so at least we haven’t had any major scratches. Any suggestions to deter this behavior?

    • Connie, Boomer & Notch's Mom said

      I have a suggestion but it’s not an easy one- It will take many days and a lot of human patience. Put a leash on your baby at night and when you get the whack in the face give the leash a little pop to the side – firm but gentle just to get their attention , and then move them back to their regular sleeping spot, in a “calm and assertive way.” It’s actually best not to talk to them when you try this.

      This was a tip from a local “whisperer”. I used this for my beagle boy. We don’t have a doggy door and he likes 3am yard wandering- it drove me crazy for a year. And he still occasionally does it. Beagles sure are wonderfully stubborn, sweet babies. Good luck!

  2. Nancy J said

    I don’t know how to deter the behavior, but I feel your pain. Shelby2 uses her claws on her paws like fingers and she literally grabs our face to turn them towards her so she can clean our brain through our nose. She also uses this technique to wake me up on Saturday and Sunday mornings–at least an hour too early.

    Our 1st doberman “whopped” us with her paw to get our attention–that worked. Sammi was adept with that paw.

    • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

      It seems that my Lily’s intent is to REMOVE our brains through our nose. Utilizing the Magic Tongue, of course.

      Small dog, big aspirations.

    • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      Clean/Remove the brain. LOVE IT! Onyx also uses her claws like fingers to hold us down when we must be cleaned. And yes, she must go through the nose!

  3. Susan in DE said

    Oh, the dreaded paw! Josie has giant bear paws, and knows how to use them! Good news is that she has no interest in being in bed with us, but you do have to watch when she wants to jump on you or whack you with the paw for attention. Even with trimmed claws, she can rake you with them. Jordan has much better manners, and is more of a kisser than a pawer (is that a word?). He’s the one who sleeps with us, and you just have to make sure he doesn’t arrange himself so that his rump is near your face, because accidents happen.

  4. Bailey & Gypsy & Trents dad said

    slapping, no. but Bailey will paw your hands and arms under him to get a better lick angle. Trent will just climb up on top of us while we’re sleeping and stare in our faces. Occasionally he’ll head butt us for attention. Gypsy will use her snout to get under your hand or head for you to rub or kiss her but never returns the favor…

    usually conditioning them with a firm NO should end that behavior. It will take a few weeks and needs to be reinforced until its ingrained in them..

    • Gloria said

      So glad to hear that someone else has a beagle that “stares”, “uses her snout”, and “head butts” I think one of the reason we love our dog she demands our attention. We laugh and say love hurts.

  5. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    hmmm mine don’t use their paws, they are lickers 😦

  6. Kramer and Gandolf's mom, Kate said

    Our guys don’t paw us. They nudge with their nose to get our attention. Sometimes Kramer will bury his head under our hand. It’s sweet. Gandolf will lick, but neither is a pawer.

  7. Joan said

    Our older beagle loves to smell your eyes. She does it to everyone. I really hate it when she blows her breath out of her nose. Shower time.

    • Hi Joan – thank you for confirming about your older dog smelling eyes. I thought I was imagining it. Buddy loves to come up to me all time and puts his snout right in one of my eyes. Why do you think they are attracted to smelling there ? My Holly loves to bat at you with her paw- sort of cat like. She has many qualities of a cat.

  8. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Cassie uses her paws when you play with her, only last night she batted Michael in the face and put a nice red scratch down his cheek! JB doesn’t do it, he will tap your foot if he wants something. We weren’t used to it when we got Cassie two years ago because JB had never done it, but we’ve learned to take evasive action! She also likes to climb up you when you’re sitting down so her face is level with yours; we think she was never allowed to do it in her previous homes and she craves personal attention. She gets plenty now!!

  9. Karen S. said

    My first beagle, Barney, could knock the newspaper out of my hand with one swipe.

  10. Bring your dog to work:

    I was on the road on Tuesday and couldn’t comment. I work 50% out of the house and 50% at the warehouse/on the road. So I am very lucky to schedule my home work morning & afternoons avoiding the terrible traffic we have here.

    Spencer lays under my desk 100% of the time I’m working on the computer. Oscar lays in the middle of the room about 50% of the time and the other 50% laying on one of his many beds in the house. They are very happy dogs. Of course sometimes when I’m on the phone with customers and the dogs start howling it can get iffy.

    Bring your kids to work: I don’t have kids, but several years ago the governor started teacher furlough days twice a month because there wasn’t enough money to pay the teachers, so instead of a pay cut, they didn’t work. Same same.

    Anyway, it became Bring Your Kid to work twice a month. No one knew what to do with their kids (young ones) so they just brought them to work! It was very interesting for several months until people figured out what to do.

    It was the singular most stupid thing the Governor did and will probably cost her the bid for U.S. Senate.

  11. Chuck and Barb said

    I got one for you guys. My beagle, Kayla, used to stick her tongue in my mouth when I was snoring in the middle of the night! Thank God that only lasted a short time. It took a few times before I realized what happened. Then one night I just dozed off, and I caught her in the act! She seems to have stopped doing it since, but I wonder if I just sleep through it!

  12. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    As I’ve mentioned before, Cody likes to sleep under the covers. Every so often he gets too warm and gets on top of the covers. After awhile he wants to get back UNDER the covers again, so that’s when he paws my head to lift the covers for him. As his nails are quite long (he needs a trim), they get tangled in my hair and that is rather painful! I also have to make sure he doesn’t leave any scratches on my face or stick a toenail in my eye!

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