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Open for discussion: July 31

Posted by laurie on July 31, 2012

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Hello from Oregon (2012)

Posted by laurie on July 29, 2012

Left to right: Elliot (8 years old) and Ari (11 months). Ari is my niece Rachel’s son (she also took these photos).

The weather out here is amazing, though I must admit the Olympic swimming has kept me indoors. Way to go Ryan Lochte!

The boys are doing great. If there are pizza parties I guess I don’t want to know.

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If you’re happy and you know it

Posted by laurie on July 27, 2012

Warning #1: you might have this song in your head all day.

Warning #2: there’s a lot of barking, in case your beagles are listening.

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Open for discussion: July 26

Posted by laurie on July 26, 2012

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Yes indeed, dogs like soup

Posted by laurie on July 25, 2012

Since it’s way too hot to eat out on the Lido Deck, I went ahead and made Italian Wedding soup to enjoy in the comfort of central air (which hasn’t cost us anything this summer thanks to the solar panels). Anyway, the soup is made with Acini de Pepe and you can see four little pieces of it in front of Sherman. I knew that connected they formed a parallelogram but had to search for the word “rhombus”. Finding it instantly flooded me with memories of geometry class, but don’t worry, we won’t go there.

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Open for discussion: July 24

Posted by laurie on July 24, 2012

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This is just a test

Posted by laurie on July 23, 2012

Stanley is less than thrilled during the biannual Fireman’s Carry practice.

Hard to say who has the better form!

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Here, catch!

Posted by laurie on July 20, 2012

The audience is silent. No one moves a muscle. Anticipation is in the air.

Actually, treats are in the air. Stanley is superb at catching them. Sherman, well, Sherman gets picked last for the team.

I wonder if there is an evolutionary benefit to catching treats in the air. After all, they DO sometimes fall out of trees.

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Open for discussion: July 19

Posted by laurie on July 19, 2012

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We’ll send an SOS to the world

Posted by laurie on July 18, 2012

A huge thanks and hugs to Kate for describing what she and her husband did for their other pets after Kramer died. Many others shared their own stories, and they’re all lovely. Read for yourself in yesterday’s comments. We had Clayton, Spenser and Scooter all cremated and their ashes are in beautiful wooden boxes on our mantle. We feel good knowing they’re there.

On a happy note…I got home on Monday and there were no beagles at the door to greet me. How unusual! I did a quick look around the yard and called Stanley but no one came. I checked to see if their harnesses were there because if not, Phillip had taken them for a walk. They were in the kitchen. So I went upstairs and opened the bedroom door and two beagles FLEW out of the room. Such excitement! On hot days we keep the bedroom door closed to trap the air conditioning inside. There is a doggy door in the bedroom door, which usually is open, but on Monday it had the sliding panel in which trapped the boys inside. When he got home, Phillip felt terrible (he leaves after me and was thus technically responsible) and gave the boys extra treats. They were none the worse for wear and didn’t have any accidents or chew anything up. No doubt there are many dogs out there who would love to have a cool room to stay in during this awful heat.

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