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Posted by laurie on July 13, 2012

Soon after we adopted Clayton (in 1995) we enrolled in an obedience class. About all I can say is that he had perfect attendance. Actually, there is one thing I’ve always remembered — never say a command more than once. Otherwise, your commands become optional. As was the case here with Stanley. I wanted him to look at me and I must have said his name ten times, to no avail. How do you spell STUBBORN?

26 Responses to “What?”

  1. ChristyACB said

    Haha…I say stubborn with the word Beagle! They all are and they all appear to have selective hearing on top of it.

    I really love the look on his face! It’s almost…well….disdainful. As if to say, “Really, you should know better by now.”

  2. Jacqui said

    I spell stubborn b-e-a-g-l-e.

    Also, P-h-o-e-b-e and N-a-t-h-a-n-i-e-l. LOL!

  3. Linda UK said

    We STILL go to obedience class (it’s just great fun, actually & quite a social event šŸ™‚ ). Dylan has everyone in stitches with his ‘stubborn’ face – anyone who says dogs don’t have facial expressions has never met a beagle!!!

  4. Kim Henry said

    I agree, Beagles do exercise selective hearing. 3 weeks ago yesterday we were adopted by Jack, a sweetheart of a 15 inch, 6 year old tri-color. Jack is sort of trained, but didn’t know how to sit on command. I’m happy to say he’s now sitting when I tell him to! It only took 2 lbs of hot dogs to acheive this… Lol!…

  5. Kim Jackson said

    I love this picture – even if he didn’t look your way!

  6. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    The look on Stanley’s face is so , . . BEAGLE! “I will do what I choose to do WHEN I choose to do it and HOW I want to do it”! I think this is a calendar-worthy picture because of the beagle attitude he displays!

    I’m so glad to know I am not the only beagle person with a “child” who has failed obedience training! I tried it with Bogie and with Cody. *I* was the one who learned the training methods, not the beagle!

  7. I agree- Beagles are very stubborn – but I relate that to being very smart. They have a mind of their own and only they decide when then want to do something. The only advantage we humans have it we have treats to bribe them. When I try calling Buddy and Holly to come in from outside and they are refusing to listen to me because they are having too much fun chasing each other out there, I give them both fish oil caplets each morning – that they love. So when they don’t come in when I call them. I shake the bottle of fish oil – and they think that they are getting another treat and come running. I agree with Kim – Bribery is the only way to do with these stubborn fellows.

    • Scott and Scout said

      Fish Oil! Scout loves em. But, recently he doesn’t chew and chew and chew until the capsule breaks. Sometimes he just chews and swallows. But, then he doesn’t taste the good stuff. Go figure.

  8. ChristyACB said

    The more I come back to this page to look at comments, the more my opinion on that picture changes. Now, I’m not thinking it is disdain. Instead, I think he is like Right Said Fred in that song, “I’m too sexy.”

    Bear with me folks…sing the tune and look at the picture. Are you laughing? So appropriate!

    • Susan in DE said

      Christy, LOL … you got it …

      I’m too sexy for my porch, too sexy for my porch, so sexy it hurts…

      I’m a beagle you know what I mean
      And I do my little turn on the catwalk …er, dogwalk …

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said


  9. Susan in DE said

    Rather than “stubborn,” I prefer, “Independent to a fault.”

    Both Josie and Jordan went to obedience classes for a while. Josie really hated them, but I insisted she get to a certain level of at least considering my requests for safety reasons. Jordan loved, loved, LOVED it, he thought it was a big dog party every week. He excelled at retreiving the dumb bell, even over jumps (I swear he was a Labrador trapped in a beagle body!). But forget about heeling off leash, that was boring … and so was the long sit and the long down.

  10. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

    I took Gomez and Lily to obedience classes and Gomez did well. Unfortunately Lily was so over-stimulated by the other dogs and people that she whined the whole time each class. The instructor was philosophically opposed to using treats as rewards, so that effort was doomed from day one.

    I’ve since decided that I am NOT philosophically opposed to bribing the beagle. Whatever works, and treats work for my dogs. Of course, there’s a downside to that: the robe I’m wearing right now has little tiny bits of beagle treat embedded in the fabric inside the pockets. That’s because they (and by “they”, I mean “Lily”) pull the robed down and eat – or mouth sloppily – the treat *right through the fabric of the robe*. They worry it and suck on it until the treat semi-dissolves and breaks up into tiny pieces, and then go to find something else to molest.

    I haven’t washed the robe yet because every time I reach into the pocket and feel those bits of cookie I just crack up.Beagles!

    • Susan in DE said

      That Lily Loaf of Bread is a piece of work! My husband just got an electric meat smoker and I made sure to share your tale of caution about the drip pan with him.

  11. Nancy J said

    stubborn…thy name is beagle.

  12. Susan Walsh said

    At our house we spell stubborn like this: B E A G L E

  13. Patr said

    B E A G L E…..

  14. Karen S. said

    Stanley says, “For a minute there, I thought I heard someone calling my name. Just goes to show that I need to take more naps.”

  15. Scott and Scout said

    I love the “down curl” at the corner of this lips. Reminds me of Edward G Robinson with a cigar.

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