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We’ll send an SOS to the world

Posted by laurie on July 18, 2012

A huge thanks and hugs to Kate for describing what she and her husband did for their other pets after Kramer died. Many others shared their own stories, and they’re all lovely. Read for yourself in yesterday’s comments. We had Clayton, Spenser and Scooter all cremated and their ashes are in beautiful wooden boxes on our mantle. We feel good knowing they’re there.

On a happy note…I got home on Monday and there were no beagles at the door to greet me. How unusual! I did a quick look around the yard and called Stanley but no one came. I checked to see if their harnesses were there because if not, Phillip had taken them for a walk. They were in the kitchen. So I went upstairs and opened the bedroom door and two beagles FLEW out of the room. Such excitement! On hot days we keep the bedroom door closed to trap the air conditioning inside. There is a doggy door in the bedroom door, which usually is open, but on Monday it had the sliding panel in which trapped the boys inside. When he got home, Phillip felt terrible (he leaves after me and was thus technically responsible) and gave the boys extra treats. They were none the worse for wear and didn’t have any accidents or chew anything up. No doubt there are many dogs out there who would love to have a cool room to stay in during this awful heat.

25 Responses to “We’ll send an SOS to the world”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    We have all of our departed babies’ ashes in boxes with their pictures on the side. We also feel the boxes are a peaceful reminder that they are always with us.

    Having central air makes me feel MUCH better about leaving the four-legged kids during the workday, especially because Cody must stay in his kennel when nobody’s home. Maybe Stanley and Shermie will be eager to stay locked in the bedroom more often for the benefit of extra treats when Mommy and Daddy get home!

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      Exactly what I was thinking – that the boys would be glad to stay in that room knowing treats will be had.
      I too am grateful for Central Air even here in Rochester, NY. It’s so incredibly dry and hot. I usually pine for fresh air, but these last few weeks, AC has been wonderful.

  2. Linda UK said

    We have a dedicated rose bush for our memories….
    This Summer has been the worst in the UK on record, rain, rain & more rain 😦 (witness one very muddy beagle just returned from ‘walkies’), so if you could pass us some of your heat then perhaps we would all be happier!

    • Carol, Eddy's mom said

      We’d gladly trade some heat for some rain. The temperature is headed over 100 again in St. Louis. Eddy comes in covered in dry dusty dirt (and pollen achooooo)

  3. When we first got Buddy, he didn’t always come in to bed and sleep with us at night. He use to like to sleep in a big comfy chair in the living room, so we thought nothing of it when we didn’t see him one night. In the morning, we didn’t see him either and called and called him, so that we could let him outside. He did not appear. We got really scared and started looking all around the house. Buddy was not inside or outside. I went out in to the garage to put my bag and lunch in the car for work, and debated about driving around the neighborhood to look for him, in case somehow he had gotten out. As soon as I opened the door that went out to the garage from the house, Buddys head popped up from a pile of old blankets that I had stored in the garage and he greeted me with a big smile. He must have followed one of us out to the garage, the night before and we didn’t notice and closed the door on him. He never barked to let us know he was there and I guess he just settled down for the night. He sure was happy to see me and went running right in to the house as soon as I greeted him. To this day, when one of us goes out in to the garage, he stays on the door step and does not follow us out there. I guess he is a bit leery of the place now. Every night, we now account for both Buddy and Holly and make sure that they both are in the house and where they should be- Buddy in his cozy cave and Holly somewhere in the blankets on the bed. It is a horrible feeling when you think you have misplace a dog.

    • Linda UK said

      That must have been scary….

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      It is scary, we have Beagle counts several times a day

      • Karen S. said

        I call it a tail count. Tally the tails before you leave the house. And make sure they are the right tails

      • Kate (Kramer and Gandolf's Mom) said

        I agree with Karen. Tally the tails. 🙂 When we had 5, it was a little more energy to decipher who’s tail was who’s. Now, it’s just a tad easier, but yes, tally the tails before leaving. 🙂

  4. Nancy J said

    Well, I hate to admit it, but none of our pups are officially part of the pack until they have been forgotten outside by mom (me). Our yard is fenced, so they can’t go anywhere, but jeepers it makes you feel awful to look out the window and see a face looking back at you, like “HEY, don’t you count noses???!!”.

  5. Martha Mathews said

    The ‘trapped’ story reminds me of something Shiloh used to do all the time. Our downstairs bathroom door never stays open unless you prop it open with something. It would always swing shut on its own. It would also never close completely when it shut itself. Soooo Shiloh would push it open and go in and get trapped. If we couldn’t find her we’d always open the bathroom door and out she would run. Sometimes she would do it when she was miffed about something and we’d crack up when she’d go in. She’d wait for a few minutes, then start what we called her “whale imitation”. This singy-song sound from her throat. She’d NEVER bark to get out. She was a hoot and I do miss her.

    I haven’t checked DD for while so I’m behind on so much news–
    Love, hugs and prayers go out for Scooby, Josie, Ben, and Tam–hope I didn’t miss anyone. Kate, that is a beautiful story. Susan, I don’t think you’re nuts–I totally believe in that-my husband thinks I’m nuts, however. And to Kim Henry-congratulations on your rescue by Jack!

    To our British friends–hope you have better weather! Do you all live near London? I would love to be there for the Olympics. I adore your country! My grandmother was from Nottingham. BTW-I went to England- (London and the southwestern parts) in April 2007 for 10 days and it only rained once! The locals said it was very unusual.

    Ruby’s still doing great–loves to ride in my ‘new’ car (finally replaced my 15 year old Tahoe). Except for last week when I took her to the vet for her annual visit– she got 3 shots and got told she was fat–29.5 pounds–oops. Now I’m introducing diet food to her. Lazy bones is still upstairs snoozing–her breakfast has been sitting in her bowl for 2 hours.

    Whew-I was long winded here–!

    • Linda UK said

      It was lovely to hear your news, Martha, not long winded at all 🙂 We use diet food and it just keeps Dylan the right weight, would def recommend it. We’re only about 50 miles from the Olympics, but no luck with tickets ;-( (well, not that we could afford!) Hopefully the weather will change by next week. Last year we had a really dry summer & winter, & our area was classed as ‘drought’ this Spring!! Not any longer…..

    • Kate (Kramer and Gandolf's Mom) said

      Not long winded at all. Loved your news. 🙂

    • harperlea said

      Great to hear from you Martha!
      (I’m usually the long winded one! 🙂 )

  6. Kim Henry said

    Thanks Martha! Jack has pretty much ensconced himself in our hearts. but Beagles have a knack for that don’t they? Seattle is only supposed to reach low to mid 70s today, so our summer is back to normal here. Question, does anyone have experience with their beags having a ruptured neck disc? Jack came to us with this. We have kept him on crate rest when we aren’t able to keep an eye on him. je seems to be on the mend, but it’s still tender, and we know it’s a slow recovery.Thank goodness he’s a mellow boy!

  7. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

    Both Lily and Gomez have been stuck in the garage and in my office a few times – oh, and the downstairs powder room too. I know that one because the molding around the door frame is scratched. Neither of the two knuckleheads have the sense to bark or even whine loud enough to alert us. Just last week I was leaving for work and closed my office door, went downstairs and was about to walk out the front door when I realized there were only two beagles on the stairs. I ran back upstairs, peeked in my office and sure enough, Gomez came rushing out in great relief.

    I conduct beagle counts periodically too. If they’re not hanging around me, there’s a good chance they’re up to something Not Good.

    Speaking of which, my husband made smoked baby back ribs yesterday. Most fortunately someone pointed out that once again the grease overflow on the smoker was tipped and there was a big pool of pork fat on the patio. I immediately snapped a leash on Lily until I could get the grease cleaned up. You should have seen the disappointed and disgusted look she gave me when I took all that lovely pork fat to the garbage!

    • Martha Mathews said


    • Susan in DE said

      I’m surprised The Loaf (can I call her that??) didn’t just eat up the pork fat flavored concrete — that’s what Josie would do. We ask ourselves that sometimes if we have a tough question, “What would Josie do?” (or WWJD?). Not sure if dinner should be fish or last night’s leftover chicken? Not a problem — Ask yourself, “What would Josie do?” (Now, use your little high pitched Josie voice for the response) “Eat the fish … AND the chicken … in the tinfoil! Don’t heat it up or unwrap either one, just gulp them down!” Problem solved. :->

      • ChristyACB said

        That’s hilarious!

        It sounds like you’re channeling my two!

      • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

        Oh yes, she’s “The Loaf” to her friends/fellow members of the Beagle Mafia. And that pork flavored concrete is undoubtedly being licked intensely right now.

        I’m so glad someone else “talks” for their beagles too. This gives me endless entertainment!

      • Linda UK said


  8. Ellen said

    Merlin’s ashes are in a little treasure chest looking container. Rosie’s is a pink jeweled container. And for Daisy, we found a ceramic container with daisies on it. They all sit on top of a display case with two angel figurines behind them.

    Not too long ago we went out for about an hour. When we came home, the three male dogs were outside. That’s nothing unusual, but Abby was nowhere to be seen. That freaked me out because I thought that maybe she had gotten stuck under the shed again. It turns out that she was stuck inside, because I forgot to remove the flap on the dog door. I had closed it off when my husband was mowing the back yard. Luckily it wasn’t a hot day, so the guys didn’t suffer outside. Abby seems to have some separation anxiety and made a mess in the house, but otherwise she was OK.

    When we leave the house, we give them treats as a way to do a nose count. That time Abby got her treat first, and laid down on a dog bed to eat it. The others ran outside with me, so that’s how I missed the fact the flap was closed.

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