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Here, catch!

Posted by laurie on July 20, 2012

The audience is silent. No one moves a muscle. Anticipation is in the air.

Actually, treats are in the air. Stanley is superb at catching them. Sherman, well, Sherman gets picked last for the team.

I wonder if there is an evolutionary benefit to catching treats in the air. After all, they DO sometimes fall out of trees.

37 Responses to “Here, catch!”

  1. Nancy J said

    Good shots. We do the toss and catch thing with treats, too. Except in this house, the beagles have been known to duck a time or two–Mom and Dad are REALLY lousy in the throwing department. Many times it boils down to moving a piece of furniture or an appliance because the humans took lousy aim and a piece of kibble is just out of reach. You can’t leave it under there–Shelby2 would dig a hole in the floor trying to get at it.

  2. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Love love love these. So cute. Thanks for making my Friday!
    Kramer was awesome at catching treats in his younger years. His eye-mouth coordination slowed as he aged. Gandolf lets the treat bonk him on the head and then he finds and eats it. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Campbell said

    Love those shots! Thanks for making our day a little brighter 🙂

  4. I toss Holly’s treat across the room so that she has to run to go get it. That way it gives Buddy time to eat his as he stands by my side. If I didn’t do that – Holly would gulp hers down and then go and take Buddy’s away from him….and he lets her do it. He is such a gentleman.

  5. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Love the shots. Thanks for perking up the morning!

  6. ChristyACB said

    Love the action shots! And the look on Shermie’s face in that second one is just priceless…truly priceless!

    Charlie doesn’t understand pointing and so can’t go after treats. For him, they disappear when I toss them. And he looks soooo sad when they disappear. So, I put up with the carnivorous dinosaur mouth as I hand him his treats. 🙂

  7. I totally agree about Sherman’s priceless expression in that second picture. It’s as if he’s saying, “Stan, lemme have this one, will ya?” So cute.

  8. Sue K said

    I will have to try Audrey’s idea. We are once again a two beagle family. On Thursday, July 5 (my birthday) we adopted Ginger. A 5 year old beagle from a rescue. She is dainty and just a few months younger than Brady (who turns 6 next month). Ginger is very gentle at eating her treats and Brady gulps his down, or rather inhales. Then he tries to steal Ginger’s treats which usually gets him in trouble with Ginger. She was supposedly given up for “behavior problems” but we haven’t seen any, except when Brady tries to steal her treats, but you cannot blame her for that!

    • Congrats on being adopted by Ginger ! I also commend you for getting a 5 year old. It is nice that Ginger and Brady are close in age. I hope they have fun playing together. My Buddy and Holly have a blast. I am so glad that we have two !

      • Sue K said

        Thanks Audrey. She went to the rescue with her lifelong beagle friend, Buddy. The hope was to adopt the two of them into the same home, but Buddy got adopted and Ginger did not. Our daughter volunteers at the rescue and kept me up to date on Ginger. We did not want three beagles (we also have two indoor cats), which is why we didn’t jump when they were both at the rescue. She is well behaved. She makes Brady look like an untrained wildman! The only issue is the food, but usually when she is protecting hers from Brady. This morning was the first time I saw her bark at him while he was eating. Apparently she has been hit for barking because I went to pick her up away from Brady and she ducked and ran. I never even came close to touching her. I felt so bad.

    • harperlea said

      Congratulations Sue K on being adopted by Ginger!
      So sad about her ducking away; We had the same issue with Whisky Girl… she would cower from a raised newspaper, flyswatter, etc., even though it was never swung in her direction… that always crushed my heart that she might have been hit. She never would let us step over her either. We were never able to train her out of that (as in, we gave her love and no physical abuse)…

    • Harper said

      Postscript: Happy Belated Birthday, Sue K!
      (Mine’s tomorrow… I’m asking my husband for Quincy for a birthday present… the “foster” rescue I picked up in June)… although not a Beagle, a sweet little old lady dog that deserves a safe haven for her twilight years….

      • Linda UK said

        What a lovely birthday present, beautiful!
        Sue, congratulations on Ginger’s arrival – she sounds adorable 🙂

  9. Karen S. said

    Love those pictures!

  10. Kim Henry & Jack said

    Congrats on being rescued by Ginger! we have noticed Jack cowers when he sees a newspaper. Think that he was probably hit with them 😦 So, we try to avoid rustling the paper. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  11. Sam and Sweetum's Mom said

    So very true! We have one that can have treats bounce off his nose and his sister snatches them away!!

  12. Susan in DE said

    Awesome pictures as always, Laurie! It so totally captures both of their characters. Josie is hopeless at catching treats, I think because her eyesight is going. If any bounce under an appliance, same story that Nancy J said about Shelby-2 … better pull the stove out and get that crappy crumb of a diet dog biscuit, or Josie will shred the appliance. Jordan used to be able to sit up and beg and remain motionless for the longest time, he looked like a giant tri-colored meerkat. And the sound effects that they both made when you were tossing treats was hilarious … Jordan was like a shop vac, making a big honking inhaling sound, and Josie’s teeth would clack (another reason for comparing her to the crocodile in Peter Pan).

    Sue K, congrats on adopting Ginger!! With love and understanding, she’ll eventually move beyond her obviously difficult past (and I’m sure Jack will, too, Kim). When we first got Josie, even though she normally wasn’t afraid of Rob, the first two weeks any time he bent over her to clip on her leash for a walk, she’d flatten to the floor and pee all over the place. He finally figured out that if he crouched down first and then called her over, it didn’t happen, and she did get past it fairly soon after that.

    Oh, good(ish) news on Josie’s ultrasound this morning …. a few minor abnormalities in her bladder and stomach/intestines, but no big horrid thing like a tumor or anything like that. Bladder wall thickening is likely from repeated UTIs, and the stomach/intestine view could be just upset tummy or potentially the beginning of irritable bowel syndrome, or just age. Very, very unlikely but still miniscule chance the tummy could be the beginning of cancer, but she’s 12 and in my mind there’s no point to pursue a definitive diagnosis via biopsy if she’s relatively fine for now. The poor girl did freak and make horrible beagle bellowing noises when they tried to lie her down on her side and hold her for the imaging, and she peed & pooped all over the place (despite fasting for 12 hours and peeing outside right before her appointment), but she got over it. She looks like a half-sheared sheep, though, since they took all the hair off her belly and half way up her sides (but it is slimming!). I’m thinking we’re going to be feeding her chicken and rice and giving her a ton of TLC (more than the ton she already gets) for a few days and see if things settle down.

  13. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Congrats Sue K on being adopted by Ginger.

    Susan- glad you got some good news on Josie. Hopefully things settle down for her soon.

  14. Harper said

    JD Lab used to catch popcorn. We haven’t tried with Bartles Basset yet, though I suspect he would let the treat “bonk him on the head and then find it and eat it”… (to quote Kate).
    Shotzy the German Shepard, however, will [mostly] allow me to balance her tennis ball on the end of her nose, and wait until I say “OK” to “catch it”. We’re still in the training phases, but she’s pretty good. She’s definitely NOT a Beagle, and NOT food-driven. She’s DEFINITELY tennis ball driven 🙂

    As for yesterday’s posts… Shotzy used to be great in the truck as a puppy (I took her to her “Grandma’s day care every day)… as she aged, she began to get car sick (started the week before she went in to get spayed… I took her on a 30-minute drive, and she barfed in the truck) and then the next week after the surgery, when the vet tech and I were trying to load her into the truck, she yelped … we must’ve moved her a bit wrong and it hurt… ever since then she pants and will vomit if she’s eaten recently… poor girl. And mind you, all of our dogs ride in the cab (not the bed)…. I’m just going to have to keep working with her.

    Laurie, as usual, very cool pictures!!! And I think Wednesday’s picture is (yet again) another Calendar worthy shot!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

  15. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

    I love those pics of the “ready position” – just like at our house, right down to the same rug in front of the patio door and same harness on the floor next to it! Gomez can catch popcorn like a champ, but The Loaf expects to have it delicately placed against her lips. Not that she’s in any way ladylike about it.

    Congratulations Sue K on your new beagle overlord! Yay for you for returning Good Times to Ginger’s life.

  16. Linda UK said

    Amazing photos again, Laurie. Dylan is now 5 & has had ‘catch’ training since a puppy, he’s eventually now fairly good, but nowhere near as good as Tosca used to be – she was Olympic standard!

  17. Carol, Libby's mom said

    Laurie – I think all three photos are priceless. I would nominate the second one for a 2013 Beagle Calendar.

    Sue – Congratulations to you and Ginger on rescuing each other!

    Harperlea – Congratulations in advance on giving Quincy a second chance and a lovng home. She is lucky not to have to return to a shelter where the chances for an older dog being adopted are not the best.

    To all – What follows is not a happy story. I am sorry to share it, especially on a Friday and especially in light of the dreadful tragedy in Aurora, CO. I don’t suppose, however, that reading it on Monday would be much better.

    On June 30, I was taking Libby (14 pounds) on a walk when she was attacked by a bigger dog (50 pounds). She got some nasty bites on her shoulder and the back of her neck. She also lost a chunk of tummy. I also got a few bites trying to protect Libby. I was screaming bloody murder. The dog’s owner and/or his wife came and got the big dog. The owner took Libby and me to the vets where she gets routine care. The owner assured me that his dog, named Bear, was current on his rabies vaccines. And, of course, so was Libby. He was very sorry for the attack and he said he would pay for my care. He also put $1000 on his credit card as a down payment for Libby’s care. Libby had to be stabilized and prepped for surgery to clean and close the bites and stitch her tummy. My husband came and took me to an urgent care where I got a stitch on the lower right side of my face. They also cleaned and bandaged the other bites (left hand, left ankle, and right middle finger). I also got a tetanus shot. Libby and I have recovered from the physical injuries. Libby is back to her usual sweet, funny self.

    To look at her you would hardly guess that anything happened. However, during the surgery they found a “mass” which they removed immediately after getting my permission by telephone. The results were that Libby had one of two types of cancer. Just today, Friday, 7/20, we learned that she has the worse of the two, a gastrointestational stromal tumor (GIST), very invasive and agressive. David and I are going out of town on Monday, July 23 til Saturday, July 28. We have an appointment on Monday, June 30 with an oncology vet at the same office who will do an ultrasound and other tests, tell us the results, and explain what our options are, possible timeframes, etc…As it turns out, the oncologist is also on vacation next week. Libby’s surgeon said it would be fine to take her to the kennel where we have taken her numerous other times. She has a following of staff there who really like her. I spoke with one of them who is especially fond of Libby and explained all of the above to her. We got Libby as a rescue when she was 4 years old. Her Gotcha Day/Birthday is August 17, 2010, so she is only 5. We have been told that her age should work in her favor but we are very disinclined to put her through any chemo.

    Bear was taken to Animal Control for observation for 10 days. He was released to his family on July 10 or 11. Subsequent to the attack, I spoke with a roofer who said he had a crew working on a roof nearby that day. He said that he saw some children open a gate to let Bear out. I have no idea why they would do that but I have no reason to doubt him. Why would he make that up? Libby and I have not gone on that route since, because of the 100+ degree heat and the distance from home (about 1 mile) but mostly because I will not risk it. I now carry a small container of pepper spray. The ordeal thus far was terrifying, way worse than my worst nightmares.

    I am sorry for the length of this post. Please keep Libby, me and David in your thoughts and prayers. Any and all positive wishes and vibes would be much appreciated also.

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Carol – I am so sorry for the experience you and Libby had with the large dog. It was good of Bear’s owner to take responsibility and do what he could to help. I don’t blame you for carrying pepper spray along on your walks now.

      My thoughts and prayers are with Libby as she and her family face the cancer issue. Blessings to all of you for a positive outcome to this situation.

    • Sue K said

      Carol, Oh my. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and Libby and the resultant tumor find. What a lot to bear. Thank goodneess you have a good support staff in the kennel where you board her. Give her an extra hug from the Kneeland beagles and their people. We are caring for my daughter’s Doberman this weekend and when we are not around, we keep her away from Ginger for fear some accident might happen. Lexy is a sweetheart but her size is way bigger than little Ginger. Brady pretty much holds his own with her. Ginger did exhibit “small dog syndrome” where she thought she was the size of Lexy and tried to bully Lexy. Lexy looked at her like “really shorty?”

    • Susan in DE said

      Oh Carol, what a terrible set of ordeals. We’re all here for you, Libby and the rest of your family. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Linda UK said

      Dear Carol, I can’t begin to say how sorry I am – we’re all sending you the most positive thoughts ever. What a dreadful month you have had.

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      I am so very sorry for your ordeal Carol. Poor Libby and you. I know exactly what you are facing, and it is not easy. Take some comfort that she is young, and healthy, and happy. You love her so! I am here for you, and will pray for you and her and David too. I’ll call you soon, but just know that I empathize and am so very sorry. Facing cancer is horrible. Much love.

  18. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. We are all here for you. Audrey, Kevin, Matt, Buddy and Holly

  19. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    So sorry to hear about LIbby Carol. we all hope that the prognosis isn’t as bad as you’re expecting. We had some bad news ourselves yesterday – we took JB and Cassie to the vet for their annual jabs and health check and we were told that our darling JB has a leaky heart valve. We were shocked because he has no outward signs of it at all. It’s developed since his last annual check up, so it’s early stages but there’s no real cure. I read on the internet yesterday that there’s been some very good results using Hawthorn extract for leaky heart valves in dogs, especially in the US . Does anyone have any experience of using it? I have some capsules on order in an effort to slow the deterioration down. I know what the future holds for JB because my mother in law’s dog had the same problem and it’s not nice. I just hope the vet’s right when he said it could be several years before JB deteriorates significantly so we need to make the most of every minute that he’s fit and well. We’ll be thinking of LIbby and will remember her in our prayers.

    • Linda UK said

      That’s rotten news, Julie but I do so hope that you can extend JB’s health as long as possible.

    • Carol, Libby's mom said

      Julie – I am very sorry to hear about JB. I have no experience with Hawthorn extract but I certainly hope it helps him. Thank you very much to everyone for all of your good thoughts, good wishes and prayers. I will keep everyone on the DD
      posted about Libby.

    • Sue K said

      Julie, I have never used Hawthorne, but Huey was on quite a few herbal remedies for Cushings Disease and it extended his life significantly. Do a search for holistic vets. There is an American association for holistic vets (cannot remember the exact name) and I would bet there is one in England also. We were fortunate to find a holistic vet when we moved to FL who owns a regular vet practice so we have the best of both treatments. Good luck to you, JB and the rest of the family!

  20. Susan in DE said

    It just stinks that all of their lifespans are so short relative to ours (on average, of course). Even though we know this, you don’t “get” it until you experience it the first time. Each different ailment is a new learning curve, and we just do the best we can with each situation. But rest assured, they love you and don’t judge you, no matter what, and you always do the best you can, and that’s the best possible scenario. Don’t want to start to sound like Tiny Tim, but, “And God bless us, everyone,” (beagles, honorary beagles, and humans alike).

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