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Open for discussion: July 24

Posted by laurie on July 24, 2012

15 Responses to “Open for discussion: July 24”

  1. Good morning Those who are owned by beagles. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I took Lily swimming (not by her choice) and wore her out so much that she actually growled at me when I tried to take her to bed. Has anyone else experienced the grumpy beagle? Thankfully Jake has never woken up on the wrong side of the crate but Lily on the other hand turns into a raving lunatic if she doesn’t get her beauty rest.

    Happy Tuesday!
    Maureen, Jake and sleepy Lily

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      Yes I have her twin, Jodi. She can be VERY grumpy 🙂 Glad to hear there are others, thought she was the only one. LOL

  2. Susan in DE said

    That’s interesting, Maureen. I don’t recall Josie or Jordan ever being moody or having bad days. If there were ever inconsistencies in their behavior, I would watch them like a hawk to be sure it wasn’t early signs of a physical/health issue.

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

      Same with my pack. Unless they’re feeling poorly they’re pretty much the same temperament all the time. Some small exceptions – if The Loaf is denied a good treat she looks pretty upset, but those moments pass quickly and she’s back to what passes for normal in no time.

  3. Beaglemom to Ben and Tito said

    I live with a full time grumpy beagle.
    But if it is out of chararcterfor Lily, I agree with Susan. Maybe she is just a bit sore from the swimming?

  4. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    I have had two beagles who (in separate instances) were quite aggressive and snappish when woken up from a deep sleep (and being that they were both 100% beagle, you know that this was highly out of the ordinary). In both cases, my husband was trying to move them. They were both quite docile and apologetic once they realized what they had done. “Let sleeping dogs lie” isn’t a time-honored sentiment for no reason!

  5. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    When JB was about 18 months old we experienced him being growly if you tried to move him in the evening or at night, i.e. once he’d settled down at the end of the day. We think that was him growing up and ‘finding his feet’, however he still doesn’t like you trying to fuss him once his day is over and he wants only to sleep. Cassie on the other hand will greet you with a waggy tail whatever the time, whatever she’s doing. She just loves any attention, because we think she didn’t get much in her previous homes. At all other times JB’s a typically happy beagle, it’s just he too likes his beauty sleep!

  6. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

    Speaking of treats, I just noticed that the saucer of strawberry roots that my husband is trying to revive has been . . . disturbed. The Loaf (I assume it’s The Loaf) has carefully taken some of the root balls out of the saucer of water and spread them out on the patio – perhaps to dry in the sun like prunes. I’m sure they’ve been tasted and found wanting in the areas of protein content and ick factor, so they’re mostly still there.

  7. Scooby's Mom said

    The only time Scooby growls is when he is “guarding”. If my husband & I playfully slap each other on the butt, Scooby comes running in between us and growls at whomever did the slapping. He is very protective of each of us and I learned this behavior is called guarding.

  8. Marci said

    This post really interested me because our Lucky doesn’t like to be disturbed while she is sleeping. She starts out with a low growl and gets louder if you don’t leave her alone. I thought that trait was unique to her. But once she is up and moving she is the social butterfly of the fam. Nice to know she not alone in her sleeping preferences!

  9. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Sometimes Onyx has puppy dreams in which she convulses almost like she’s having a seizure. If you try to wake her from these, she snaps whatever appendage is closest. So I gently call to her to wake her up.

    They both have their moments where they can be grumpy, but for the most part they are happy dogs.

  10. Nancy J said

    Our beagle-mix, Sugar, growls sometimes when we pick her up. It’s not a “don’t touch me or I’ll bite your hand off” type growl. It’s more of a “oh, you’re so annoying sometimes” growl.. My sweet Dexter the Dude will snarl at you if you are admonishing him for something. But that’s hardly ever.

  11. Patr said

    Doc, my first beag was a grumpy sleeper. Growled when you rolled over, growled when you tried to wake him, growled if you sneezed and woke him up. He was a sweetie at all other times.

    Gracie can get growlie when you try to move her and she is comfortable. George, well he is a rag doll all the time. Just roll ‘im over and go about your business. Makes a great pair since the share a kennel all day and night.

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