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Yes indeed, dogs like soup

Posted by laurie on July 25, 2012

Since it’s way too hot to eat out on the Lido Deck, I went ahead and made Italian Wedding soup to enjoy in the comfort of central air (which hasn’t cost us anything this summer thanks to the solar panels). Anyway, the soup is made with Acini de Pepe and you can see four little pieces of it in front of Sherman. I knew that connected they formed a parallelogram but had to search for the word “rhombus”. Finding it instantly flooded me with memories of geometry class, but don’t worry, we won’t go there.

18 Responses to “Yes indeed, dogs like soup”

  1. Nancy, basset mom and Laurie's sister said

    Relief is just a plane flight away! 56 degrees here this morning. Maybe you should bring the boys with you so they can cool off, too!

  2. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

    What sweet beagie faces. And I guess I’m not surprised that beagle tongues are no more effective at snorking up Acini de Pepe than they are with soggy Grape Nuts.

  3. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Our babies will eat anything we eat, as well as things we won’t 🙂

  4. Spunky's Mom said

    Sometimes when I look out the window and see Spunky munching on something, I don’t even want to know what “backyard delicacy” she has found this time. She’s quite fond of bugs, especially fireflies.

  5. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    The three of us go to the dog park almost every morning. Some times the City will dump a big pile of dirt at the entrance for landscaping/hole repair work. Except they can’t coordinate with the workers so the pile of dirt sits there and all the ferel cats use it for kitty litter. Weeks go by and my dogs find the “kitty turds” delicious. I’ve never had this lovely experience before.

    After our Sunday experience “yuck” I’ve decided to stay away while the dirt is there.

    What is with that? I can almost understand twigs, rocks and milk cartons. But kitty Doo doo?

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      When I had kitties, my dogs thought that was a wonderful treat. One day Hoover(70 lb beagle wannabe) got his head stuck in the roof of the kitty potty box. It was so funny wish I would have had a camera.

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Cody and Henry (particularly Henry) get into the kitty boxes a lot if I don’t get them scooped out first. I think they consider kitty “doo” a delicacy!

  6. Scooby's Mom said

    Yes, Scooby loves soup too! He goes especially nuts when my Mom makes borscht (or beet soup). There’s nothing like Grandma’s soup!

  7. Sue K said

    Is there any type of food beagles don’t like? Italian Wedding Soup is delicious!

  8. Susan in DE said

    Totally off topic … I just found out there’s a Rainbow Bridge in Taiwan (check out this cool photo! Do you think all our our beloved deceased pets are waiting for us in Taipei??

    • Taipei is a pretty cool place, very good food, so it’s very possible.

      There was a similar type bridge in Hue, Viet Nam, except the lights flashed and changed colors. We’re going to try to post a slide show on You Tube. If we are successful I’ll share the link.

      Loved Tito video

  9. Luke and Jackson's Mom and Dad - Therese and Larry said

    Our beagles have always loved tomato soup – it leaves them with wonderful tomato soup chins!!!

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