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Hello from Oregon (2012)

Posted by laurie on July 29, 2012

Left to right: Elliot (8 years old) and Ari (11 months). Ari is my niece Rachel’s son (she also took these photos).

The weather out here is amazing, though I must admit the Olympic swimming has kept me indoors. Way to go Ryan Lochte!

The boys are doing great. If there are pizza parties I guess I don’t want to know.

17 Responses to “Hello from Oregon (2012)”

  1. harperlea said

    Ari is absolutely darling!!!! And Elliot is such a sweetie pie! What’s not to love about those two….

  2. Karen S. said

    What adorable pictures! Ari is ready for action and Elliot is ready for a nap! btw, I love all the Olympics, even though I’m not a big sports person in general.

  3. Susan in DE said

    Both Ari and Elliot are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. :->

  4. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

    Pizza parties! OF COURSE there are pizza parties!

    In the news this morning, my Gomez blew out his ACL last week. The vet says he needs surgery so we’re going to get that scheduled. After the surgery he’ll need 6 weeks of full crate rest. Any advice for keeping one of three dogs on full crate rest in a two-story house?


    • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      My sister’s cocker spaniel blew out her ACL a couple of years ago. She had surgery and now you wouldn’t know she ever had a problem. The vets were amazed at her recovery.

      No tips on the crate rest though- my sister had a hard time keeping Chesney in the crate with a toddler and another dog around!

      Sending lots of love & hugs to Gomez. Please keep us posted.

    • Beaglemom to Ben and Tito said

      Ben had extracruciate surgery at the end of April. What type of surgery is Gomez having?
      To be honest, it is NOT FUN at all.
      For eight weeks Ben was confined to the first floor of our home. That means that one of us slept on a mattress on the main floor with him for all of that time period. We did not use a crate. Instead we had baby gates and old doors set up all over the place to keep him confined. Tito stayed with my inlaws for three weeks during Ben’s critcal healing phase. After that we just made sure that they were not playing, jumping etc. Ben is pretty docile to begin with so it wasn’t too much trouble.
      The vet will provide you with lots of info on exercises, walks, and therapy. If you have access to hydrotherapy in your area I highly recommend it. We drive 45 minutes each way to take him to hydrotherapy – for the first five weeks it was once every week, not we are on a two week schedule.
      In the past two weeks we have had a bit of a setback with swelling and fluid in the joints. He has been back to restricted activity. Thankfully the implant is sound.

    • Val BeagleMom of Scotter and Snickers said

      Scooter had this (2 different knees within a year) and both recovered very nicely. We didn’t do the crate training as he never was crate trained and we’d have to wrestle him in and hurt him more. SO, We did the door barrier tricks, one floor only and we hung out with him/slept with him on the floor with him for weeks. He had one of those lovely Elizabethan collars on him and bopped Snickers on the head alot which did cause some Beagle dust-ups. We switched to a floppy E. collar (he looked like a blue pansy of some sort) and that seemed to help. Scooter could see better and it didn’t “swat” Snickers as hard. Go figure. I was in charge of therapy and that went fine–on land only. He also had a glow in the dark bandage for awhile–which I don’t recommend–as it seemed to upset Scootie and he gnawed on it at night when it glowed.

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr Peabz said

      Thanks Amy and Beaglemom. Gomez appreciates the hugs and I’m glad for the advice and commiseration. He’s going to be having his anterior cruciate ligament reattached next Wednesday. They told me to drop him off in the morning and they’ll call when they’re done and I can pick him up. I’m not looking forward to managing a post-op dog, but on the other hand no one knows Gomez like me so it’ll be easier on him. Although this will be done at our regular vet’s office, it’s a specialist who will be doing the surgery. They said this guy has done thousands of this type of surgery, so that’s reassuring. Speaking of thousands, it’s going to cost a bunch of dollars – ugh.

      I’m already anticipating a situation like Ben’s, where I just live downstairs with Gomez while he heals. I’m also thinking of rigging a bunch of gates to keep him confined, in addition to the crate. I think he’ll appreciate a change of scenery eventually. Gomez is also pretty laid back and not overly active so it’ll definitely be easier than if Loaf of Bread were in this situation.

      I’m also looking at getting (or making) a strap thing to carry him like luggage when I need to. I can pick him up easily but I’m worried I’ll hurt him and the straps seem like they would minimize that.

      Thanks also for the tip on hydrotherapy – I’ll look into that too. Oy. I say again, Oy.

      • Beaglemom to Ben and Tito said

        Good luck. He will be fine! You will be fine! It is hard on the whole family, but worth the extra bit of time and effort.
        They are so resilient – it is pretty amazing how quickly they want to bounce back – that is when it gets hard!
        Yesterday I was thinking about letting you know about having a board certified vet surgeon do the procedure – looks like you got that sorted out though. Ben had the same thing – the specialist came to our vet’s office. We dropped him off at 8am and picked him up at 4pm. He actually ate a meal that night! I was shocked.
        Another thing I thought about after I sent the last message was Ben’s weight pre and post surgery. Ben is a big boy to begin with but needed to lose some serious lbs. He was about 40 lbs pre surgery and he is down to 34 lbs now. This is critcal to their recovery b/c they will be inactive for so long. If Gomez is a bit husky the vet will probably be suggesting the dreaded diet! We feed a raw diet, so it is easy to monitor food intake and the owner of the store where we get the food from was so helpful in creating a plan.
        Keep us posted!

  5. I am such a sucker for dogs and babies/kids ! I love these photos. I can’t decide who is more adorable. I’ll bet that Elliot can’t wait until Ari goes down for a nap.

  6. C Siding said

    No pizza party until you’re home. leave room

  7. I bet Laurie had the Mark Spitz 7-Gold Medal Poster in her room when she was a kid! One of my best friends had that poster prominently displayed in her bedroom.

    Now I had the Robert Redford Sundance Kid poster. A different kind of hunk.

  8. I had the Mark Spitz poster ! Wonder what ever happened to it ?? 😉

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