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Open for discussion: July 17

Posted by laurie on July 17, 2012

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A billion years

Posted by laurie on July 16, 2012

I’m embarrassed to admit that I find the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce a gripping story, since it appears that Scientology is at the heart of it and Katie didn’t want her daughter signing up for a billion year contract. That’s what Scientologists do: they sign up for a billion year contract. I know this because I am in the middle of a fascinating book on Scientology called Inside Scientology. If you’re more than a little curious, check it out. My second recommendation today is this recipe I made last night: Sesame Chicken Pasta Salad. Phillip was about to go for thirds but I wouldn’t let him.

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Posted by laurie on July 13, 2012

Soon after we adopted Clayton (in 1995) we enrolled in an obedience class. About all I can say is that he had perfect attendance. Actually, there is one thing I’ve always remembered — never say a command more than once. Otherwise, your commands become optional. As was the case here with Stanley. I wanted him to look at me and I must have said his name ten times, to no avail. How do you spell STUBBORN?

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Open for discussion: July 12

Posted by laurie on July 12, 2012

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Split personality

Posted by laurie on July 11, 2012

Just when I thought this dog couldn’t be any cuter he goes and does this. Don’t forget, however, that while Sherman is first and foremost a snugglebunny, he is also a fearless hunter. Phillip said that Sherm spent “probably a couple of hours” outside the other night (in the middle of the night). We might have to instate a curfew for this cuddblebug.

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Open for discussion: July 10

Posted by laurie on July 10, 2012

Kate, our arms are all open to you during this sad time. May you always have sweet memories of your Kramer.

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Posted by laurie on July 9, 2012

I know it’s not Friday, but this struck me as an excellent caption contest opportunity. Have fun!

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But where’s the lobster?

Posted by laurie on July 6, 2012

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy came over on the 4th for a lobster dinner. I also made this great orzo dish, which I might have recommended before but it bears repeating. Bring it as a side dish to a party and everyone will love you. I kept offering one of those dog hair roller removers to Nancy but she didn’t care.

Yup, that’s Uncle Bob with STANLEY! Trying to keep him from licking his entire face off.

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Open for discussion: July 5

Posted by laurie on July 5, 2012

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Stars and stripes

Posted by laurie on July 4, 2012

On the 4th of July, Phillip quizzes me on the Bill of Rights. I make up a cheat sheet before and study it. He’s in a parade this morning so I have a few hours to study.

“The Making of the Daily Digital”

Happy Fourth, everyone (in the US)!

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