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I’ll have a vodka gimlet, please

Posted by laurie on August 20, 2012

I have a question. Why does everyone ask me, “How’s your summer been?” No one asks me in February how my winter has been. Or spring and fall. Just summer. I think it’s because we’ve idealized summer as three months spent lazily on the beach wearing Ralph Lauren polo shirts and sipping appletinis. I didn’t quite achieve that but, except for the heat, I had a lovely summer. Thank-you!

18 Responses to “I’ll have a vodka gimlet, please”

  1. Spunky's Mom said

    Glad to hear you’ve had a lovely summer – hope you have a lovely autumn as well!!

    My latest pet peeve is people who want to know if you’ve accomplished everything on your “summer bucket list.” People are now using “bucket list” for any list of things you want to accomplish by a certain time – end of summer, family vacation, back to school shopping, etc. In fact, it’s “bucket list” because it’s things you want to do before you die – or kick the bucket. So unless you are terminally ill and not going to make it past Labor Day – it’s not a “summer” bucket list.

    I’ll stop ranting now 🙂 Great picture of Sherman, by the way. He’s so suave.

    • Rebecca Campbell said

      Thank you. I am also tired of the “summer bucket list” designation.

      Sherman is one suave Beagle 🙂

    • Kate (Kramer and Gandolf's Mom) said

      Bucket List … well I’ll behave. 🙂 Anyway, I, too am sick of that. I have a Lifelong bucket list. 🙂

  2. ChristyACB said

    Yes, he’s very suave in that picture. Looks like he is missing his burberry and topsiders. Otherwise…the vodka gimlet and he’s good to go!

  3. Susan in DE said

    Awww, Sherman — he’s so cute!! Usually stuff slows down at work over the summer as a lot of people both internally and at client offices are on vacation. But it’s been more frantic than ever, plus there have been too many things to do on weekends, so it certainly hasn’t been “lazy” here.

  4. Scott (and Scout) said

    Definately one of the one percent!

  5. C Siding said

    Calendar worthy

  6. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    What a cute boy! Summer in England has been virtually non-existent this year! It rained almost continually from mid April to just before the Olympics began at the end of July! So many places were flooded and the beags almost developed webbed feet (and us too!) Since the Olympics finished it’s like we’ve moved straight to Autumn – some warm sunshine but still showers and some early morning mists, just like we normally get around early October! Oh well, perhaps next year …………… !

  7. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Oooh. And there’s the management where I work who cordially ask “How was your summer vacation?”. Vacation???!!! Apparently these folks 1.) can’t read a fiscal accounting calendar, and 2.) can’t correlate “No PTO until after fiscal year end” with dates in the real world.

    Not really surprising when I think about it.

  8. Kids go back to school here July 30. So all the “summer” TV ads always look funny as “summer season” is sort of over. It’s been very confusing the past few years.

    My new neighbors moved here from Arizona last October. They had a family summer vacation planned for August and had to put their first grader in school for five days and then go on their summer vacation. Weird

    On another note do people on the mainland really only wear white from memorial day to labor day?

    On a third note, my refrigerator DIED on Saturday and that was definitely not on my summer bucket list.

  9. Nancy J said

    Summer here in the the midsection has been lousy. As you well know, a large part of the country is in the clutches of a severe drought and heat to go along with it. So, NOBODY dares asks the questions “hot enough for you”? or “think it’ll rain”? for fear of swift kick in the pants. “How was your summer” is right up there in “don’t go there” territory.

    • Carol, Eddy's mom said

      We’re here in the dust bowl too, Nancy. Feels like there has been no summer at all. I mowed the lawn this morning, the first time since May. It wasn’t grass I cutting, just the tall weeds that survived.

      Love this picture of Sherman, he is so kissable.

  10. Jan said

    My summer has been enriched by the arrival of Miss Willow on June 1 🙂 We take a walk daily (good exercise for us both!) and she gets lots of belly rubs and ear scrunchies. I get a few gentle beagle kisses when I get home from work. She’s even tried helping with the laundry, but I won’t be posting any pictures of Miss “Steal Mommy’s Underwear and Race Around the House With It,” lol. She’s a southern beag, and I don’t think she’s ever seen snow, so our winter is going to be interesting!

  11. Leah said

    Stately Sherman!!

  12. donnabeaglemama said

    Sherman. Handsome, not stirred.

  13. Kelly said

    In Vermont we say, how’s your winter been? to neighbors because we don’t really see each other that much between the end of December and April. Plus, winter is so hard here. We say that to each other in a knowing way, as if to say, I know you are at your wits end because I am, too.

  14. Lynne said

    I spent my summer getting both of my knees replaced. Right one in May and the left in July. Thank goodness I had our Beagle Judy and Siamese cat Nathan for distraction, to keep me company on these long days being home bound and as motivation to do those exercises.

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