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Posted by laurie on August 27, 2012

For real! This was my nap on Saturday. I was worried that I might be crushing Sherman, but he kept breathing so I figured he was okay.

Although he might have a different opinion on the matter.

13 Responses to “Zzzzzzzz….”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Such great pix to start off a Monday! I especially love Shermie’s expression looking into the camera on the second shot.

    Cody and Henry are always with me when I’m sleeping – whether it’s a nap on the sofa or going to bed at night. And yet, I know how crowded things can get, especially when they want to snuggle close. In this warm weather, one or the other might get off the sofa and onto a floor rug or doggie bed (in spite of the central air). Once the weather gets cold again, I’m sure it will be all 3 of us together no matter what!

  2. ChristyACB said

    That is an awesome picture!!! The second one. I really do think this deserves a spot in the calendar.

    BTW, Laurie. You have very youthful knees. What is your secret?

  3. Darlene said

    Stanley looks just a little put out….no fleecy blanket to lay on and kind of hanging on the edge… and ya, I was lookiing at the knees too!..

  4. Susan in DE said

    Great photos, as always! Hey, if they didn’t like it where they were, they would leave. :-> Josie is not a snuggler at all. When the weather gets colder, I’m going to miss Jordan even more than I do now. He was an awesome snuggler for weekend afternoon naps.

  5. Karen S. said

    Dogs are funny like that. If I take a nap they all have to take one too. Even if that’s what they were doing anyway at the time, they have a nap with Mama.

  6. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    Neither of mine are snuggles 😦 Jodi has to be on the bed if I’m sleeping/napping. Barney is NOT ALLOWED on the bed according to Jodi and he listens. He was a snuggler before she arrived.

  7. Buddy is the snuggler. Except at night. He starts out in the bed next to me, but I must toss and turn a bit too much when I am trying to get comfortable, because after about 15 minutes, you hear a heavy sigh and he comes out from underneath the comforter and then he jumps down off the bed and in to his cozy cave for the rest of the night. Holly likes to nap with me too, but prefers to stay down by my feet to begin with. Then she works her way up in the bed ( under the comforter ) so that she is positioned right between us. She has never been a snuggler, but at least she allows Buddy to be on the bed with her. When we first got her, she was pretty bossy, just like Jodi. But she has mellowed out a bit and sometimes they even snuggle together.

  8. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Wow, except for the color of the couch, this could be me! Since Gomez is restricted to his crate (and from stair climbing), I’ve been sleeping (and eating and working and pretty much everything) on the couch so I can be right there next to him. Both Gomez and Lily are snugglers, and Mr. Peabz is learning quickly, so I have plenty of company.

    Speaking of couches, I washed mine yesterday. In the washer – cold water. Tumble dry low. Okay, it was just the seat and back cushion covers, but man does it look better! It’s a camel-colored microfiber and it had accumulated a lot of spots but the puddle of beagle barf that appeared Saturday night was the inspiration I needed to get all woogity with Mr. Maytag. Woohoo!

  9. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    This makes me think of what happened last night. Erich was on one couch stretched out, reading. Cobalt was on the couch to nap. Erich moved the pillows to one end of the couch for his head, and Cobalt moved and draped his body over them. When Erich moved them to the other end of the couch, Cobalt went with them. Erich got up and Cobalt stretched out over the couch, trying to take up the whole thing and gave Erich a look very similar to the one Shermie is giving in the 2nd pic. Reminder to the humans: Couches/blankets/and pillows all exist for the comfort of the BEAGLES not the humans.

  10. Karen S. said

    Timmy Beagle gets very mad when I flop around in my sleep.

  11. Kate (Kramer and Gandolf's Mom) said

    My thought went immediately to your left wrist tucked in there so tightly. I sleep that way too, and have been cautioned against doing so. Watch for carpel tunnel, etc. Then I went to your knees. 🙂 Anyway, adorable pix as always!

  12. Elvis has become a major cuddle-beagle, especially since we lost his sister, Abbey. He sleeps nearly the entire night and doesn’t ask to go out. He usually starts out the night sleeping on John’s bed. Then, I bring him over to where I’m sleeping.

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