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Posted by laurie on August 31, 2012

Thanks goodness for the Internet.

21 Responses to “[in-yoor-feys]”

  1. ChristyACB said

    Oh, Laurie. My cute bubble just exploded all over this computer and I have a really busy day today with all these tropicals. Such a bother. 🙂

    LOVE the look on Sherminator’s face too.

    • Susan in DE said

      I agree with Christy’s comments, and I also want to express my admiration for Phillip’s form with the headlock on Stan. Next comes “Kabuki off the top rope” in the pro wrestling match, right?

  2. Rebecca Campbell said

    That sure looks familiar!!! There are 5 at our house that will do that to us at any given moment. 🙂

    On a sad note, my Mom’s old Beagle, Tag, crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. He was born on 11/1/2000 and was a 75th birthday gift to her from her neighbors. He went from being an adorable 8 week old ball of energy, to a 43 lb elder statesman. He became quite dignified in his later years. He suffered from occasional bouts of epilepsy that were so unpredictable and infrequent that Mom never wanted to put him on meds. He had a big seizure on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and never recovered. HIs death was very calm and quiet, although he did lift his nose into the air for one final “arrroooo”. Hug your hounds today.

  3. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    I’d love to know what Sherman is thinking. Cute picture

    The rain from Hurricane Issac just arrived here in St. Louis. No hike for Eddy this morning, he is giving me the evil eye and then the furrowed brow with a little whine. My daughter calls him “Eddicus Patheticus”

  4. Jacqui (a.k.a. Phoebe and Nathaniel's mom) said

    I love the t-shirt! Where can we get one and support the cause!

  5. Spunky's Mom said

    Thank goodness for the Internet, indeed. Otherwise we wouldn’t get to see all these adorable pictures!!!

  6. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Lily Loaf of Bread is amazingly good at shooting her little snake tongue up my nostril, and then directly into my mouth. As long as she’s been doing this, I still can’t evade her – she always scores!

    Rebecca, please convey my condolences to your mom. I think it’s so cool that she got an 8-week old beagle pup as a 75th birthday present – from her neighbors!

    • harperlea said

      Whisky Girl would always “french” kiss me… UG… I couldn’t avoid it either, no matter how hard I tried! No tongue in the nose though, thank goodness….

  7. That’s like my Spencer licking my face. I never had a dog that did that. I thought it was a sign of submissive.

    Spencer, my little love bug, decided to get aggressive at the Dog Park this morning with a really nice pit bull kind of dog. The dog is a semi-regular and we never had any problems before. Spencer just went postal and started chasing him and barking at him. My husband happened to be there and we were stunned. The owner has trained the other dog really well and distracted him by holding a ball until we got Spencer under control, which took a while. I finally was able to grab his collar and hooked him up.

    What’s with that? Any training ideas to stop him in his tracks if it happens again? If the dog hadn’t been so well trained Spencer could have been really hurt.

    On another note from Wednesday, Christy ACB, you are actually very fortunate to have neighbors that care to call the police if they hear strange noises or see something suspicious. She might of thought You where being hurt. I think I would thank your neighbor for being so concerned and see what she says and go from there.

  8. harperlea said

    For the third time, I’ll try to upload this comment 🙂
    First, hugs & slobbers from the Lash Pack to Elizabeth & Family over the loss of their Jasmine… you can tell by the picture, that Jasmine was so happy and very much loved!
    Audrey: great to see the pictures of Buddy & Holly…. they are both adorable…
    ChristyABC: would love to hear how you resolve the neighbor situation… me being me, I would either ignore it altogether, or I would just walk over and explain what I was doing… never hurts to reach out to a neighbor… we have great neighbors around our home, and we don’t get involved in all the petty squabbles, rumor pooh, etc. etc. etc…. I just take ’em all at face value…
    Hugs & slobbers to Rebecca Campbell and her Mom over the loss of their Tag… love that he had a last AROOOOOO….

    Lastly… Whisky Girl Beagle was the Royal Highness in Charge of the Lash Pack when she was alive… though during her first days with JD the Lab she was scared out of her wits, by the end of a month or two, she was IN CHARGE. She raised Shotzy the German Shepard, so Shotzy is all OMEGA and the biggest softest sweetie ever (though ALL PUPPY still at 2 years)… So now in our pack, JD Lab is “the” ALPHA, although Bartles the Basset will occasionally attempt to take over the Alpha position, Quincy (aka “Bumbles” as she’s the little old lady dog who’s half blind, half deaf, and careens around the house with her poor crippled up legs) just enjoys being where ever the pack and the humans are….
    So I guess the “ruling Bitch Alpha” in the Lash Pack is ME! 🙂
    Everyone have a safe & happy Labor Day!

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