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Libby and Emily

Posted by laurie on September 4, 2012

Kristen writes:

These sunbathing beagle beauties are Libby (the blonde) and Emily (the red tick). Libby is 8 years old and best known for her ability to open the fridge to make her and Em dinner if I’m running late, and unzip our guest’s suitcases to get a taste of their minty toothpaste. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease; which her vet tells me explains why she comes across even more ravenous than a typical hungry beagle! Lib is doing great on her meds and has begun to shed a few unwanted pounds, which has put a new step back in her life. Emily is also 8 and was adopted when I saw her as a courtesy post on Beagle on the Web, where she was being cared for by a doxen rescue group. Her foster mom told me she was the most energetic dog she had ever met; but as I got to know her- it turns out she is just a happy, happy beagle girl. She is the most cuddly girly you will meet and loves to follow her sister into trouble and look at you with her sad eyes to say “it was Libby’s fault, I’m the good girl”.

27 Responses to “Libby and Emily”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Beautiful girls! I know what you mean by the “sad eyes” thing – Henry is very good at that, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gandolf's mom (w/ memories of Kramer) said

    Hi Libby and Em’s mom!! Can’t wait to see those beautiful girls!! What an awesome home you provide and you are a wonderful beagle mom! 🙂

  3. harperlea said

    Libby and Emily are absolutely beautiful!!!! I love their beds too… Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Joan said

    You are so lucky to have such beautiful girls.

  5. Karen S. said

    Great dogs!

  6. Susan in DE said

    What a wonderful picture and story. And just last week we were talking about girl beagles not necessarily getting along — no problems with that here, I see. :->

    • Libby and Emily's mom said

      Susan – Most days, they get along amazingly well and hate to be apart; but don’t let their sweet faces fool you; they can be very, very cranky with each other at times!

  7. K - Bode's mum said

    So cute! I’ve never had two beagles at a time to share trouble… my husband assures me that one is more than enough, and he will have to be dead before that happens. 😉

    • Susan in DE said

      Just a reminder that Josie’s gansta rap nickname is “Heavy J” and she’ll gladly cap someone for the price of a cookie. So, if your husband needs to be “taken care of” so you can have more beagles, you know who to call …. ;->

  8. Two females – a blonde and a red head together – always mean trouble 😉
    What beauties they are. After I adopted our second beagle – I am so glad that I did – they may get in to trouble together, but they sure keep each other company too. No lonely puppy dogs eyes around here.

  9. laurie said

    Kristen – where did you get the beds? They look inflatable and, if so, would be great for travel.

    • ChristyACB said

      Yes, I was looking at those beds too. Really would like to know more on those. Beautiful girls! And I agree with Audrey…a blonde and redhead together? Serious trouble. 🙂

    • Libby and Emily's mom said

      I got the beds from Unleashed by Petco. When I get home tonight I will look and see if the tag is still on them and let you know the brand. They are made to be outdoor beds and so hold up really well all weather. They are not inflatable, but do pack very well as they are thin and can be rolled up like a sleeping bag. Infact -the material is similar to that of a sleeping bag!

      And yes, a blonde and a redhead together can be as much trouble as you would imagine!

      • Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

        Thank you. We have pieces of carpet remnants as their ‘laying around outside’ beds so these would awesome to have and wash!

      • Libby and Emily's mom said

        I just went out and checked the beds. The tag is not on them anymore; but there is a logo that says “Royal Pooch”. Hope that helps!

    • Carol, Libby's mom said

      Libby and Emily are very sweet and dear, of course!

      In case you have not already found Royal Pooch, try There are two fairly recent Royal Pooch trademarks that belong to Royal Animals, Ltd. The homepage shows a photo of the dog beds and allows you to click on Travel Beds under the Popular Links heading.

      My Libby, an Honorary Beagle, continues to be well. I am taking her for another ultrasound and more blood tests on October 2nd. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!

  10. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    What beautiful babies! You are a lucky Momma. Love the mischief, keeps us on our toes! Hugs to all.

  11. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    What a couple of cuties! I think it’s so nice that Libby can open the fridge – must make things so convenient for you! I also had a beagle, the late Kichwa Tembo, who had Cushings disease. She was the beagle I’ve mentioned who could get past the child-proof latches on the cupboards and climb the pantry shelves. Cushings sure does intensify that food drive, but as I’m sure you’ve learned, it’s controllable with meds and Libby can still have good quality of life. Especially if your house guests bring toothpaste!

    • Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

      Our pantry has double doors that open in the middle, door knobs next to each other. They do not “latch”. We have progressed to four heavy duty rubber bands to keep the doors from being opened allowing free feeding. Barney continues to pound on the doors hoping for the doors to spring wide open. LOL

      • Libby and Emily's mom said

        I can totally picture this! I have had to use a baby gate to close off my kitchen from Ms. Libby! A few months back, she broke into one of my kitchen cabinets (that had a magnetic baby lock on it) and so now she is not allowed in unless somebody is with her. Of course she manages to get in just as you close the gate and help herself to whatever crumb is on the floor as she opens all the cabninets and fridge! When I take the girls to my parent’s house; they duct tape all the cabninets and the fridge. It works sometimes!

  12. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Beautiful girls. I know the innocent sad eyes all too well- Onyx is great at it. 🙂 Thank you for the smile today with these two beauties.

  13. Elizabeth said

    We’ve been out of town and away from the internet for a week, but we wanted to thank to all of you for your kind and thoughtful condolences in the loss of our beagle Jasmine (Aug. 28 post). It meant so much to us to read your wonderful, caring comments when we arrived back home.

    Kristen, your beagle girls Libby and Emily are adorable! You can just tell from the photo how much fun they have together. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  14. Nancy J said

    Very pretty pups. We are a firm believer in the “you can’t have just one” theory. Beagles, that is.

  15. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    Libby and Emily are beautiful. They look like two models sunning themselves.

    We had four female beagles at one time. There were one or two nasty fights, but on the whole they got along fine. Even would sleep in a pile.

  16. Linda UK said

    What beautiful girls! My sister’s dog had Cushings too, & we always said what if a BEAGLE had it? Now we know, having read all the above!!!
    I too love the look of the beds although probably not available here in the UK. Dylan does chew his bed regrettably (although bizarrely, only when we have visitors….)

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