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Traffic report

Posted by laurie on September 14, 2012

Phillip went to a fundraiser last night so I went all out and made scrambled eggs for dinner. I took my plate to the Taj Ma Patio along with my camera so I could get a shot of the poor, starving, begging beagles. Unfortunately they were too close to fit in the viewfinder. Midway through my eggs a helicopter flew overhead. Stanley looked up at it and threw his head back to howl. I laughed and laughed. He was so excited that he ran over to the fence to continue his dialog, this time with the neighbors. At which point Sherman started to hump him. There was so much going on that I was able to finish my scrambled eggs, all by myself. You know how rare that is.

24 Responses to “Traffic report”

  1. ChristyACB said

    Laurie, I think your house must be like an extended version of America’s Funniest Home Videos – Beagle Edition.


  2. harperlea said

    Boy do I understand rare! It seems as if since my surgery all four of my dogs insist on following me around to the point of traffic jams!!! If I’m not careful I’ll end up blowing out my ACL again!
    Nice to read that others do breakfast for dinner… My husband and I had scrambled eggs and bacon last night also!

  3. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    I love breakfast for dinner. Charlie not so much 😦 Oh well. Yes I know about the following, sometimes I can’t even turn around without stepping on a hound.
    TGIF everyone!!!!

  4. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    LOL! I frequently tell my friends that having two beagles in the house is like living in a circus. But a good circus. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    I’m off on another trip- this time our big family trip to the FL themeparks. My parents, sister, bil, and niece and nephew will be meeting me in Orlando tomorrow. I hope Erich fares better with the beags next week than he did on my last trip!

  5. Karen S. said

    That sounds so funny! My dogs sing when the firetruck goes by.

    And my dogs like breakfast for dinner, lunch for dinner, dinner for dinner, and anything at all at any hour for dinner.

    • ChristyACB said

      LOL. I often tease my dogs that they are secret Hobbits. Breakfast, second breakfast…pre-lunch…etc. You get the point.

      • Susan in DE said

        My husband once told me, “I think you’re a hobbit. You’re short, your toes are hairy and you’re always hungry.” And I can name all 7 hobbit meals: First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Tea, Dinner, and Supper (Oh Lordy, and I just realized I actually do eat like that! Power bar before the gym, second breakfast when I get to work, part of my lunch at 11, rest of lunch around 12 [if not on a call], something in the afternoon, dinner when I get home and then something again when Josie gets her bedtime cookie around 9pm … heaven help us, I think he’s right!)

    • harperlea said

      Mine also sing when the fire engines go by

  6. Susan in DE said

    That is funny, Laurie!! Ah, fundraiser season! Yes, Rob has a lot of them going on as well (he’s assisting with our state senator’s reelection campaign). He was out last night, but since I went horseback riding after work, I didn’t get dinner until I got home around 8:30, so it was leftover turkey meatloaf, green beans and a roti (Indian flatbread). Pretty darned good for a fridge-to-microwave-to-plate meal! And yes, Josie sat by me with that “triangle head” look of focused attention with ear flaps pointed forward. I might drop a green bean!

  7. Baci's mom said

    Sounds like dinner and a show.

  8. When one of mine starts singing – the other one always has to join in and the do sort of a duet. I was wondering- since Sherman can’t hear – does he ever join Stanley for a duet ?

  9. Linda UK said

    The scenario is hilarious! But those poor starving beagles going hungry though 😉

  10. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    “Too close to fit in the viewfinder” made me literally laugh out loud, as did the image of Stan howling at the chopper. I was awakened this morning by Mr. Peabz howling in my ear at something, probably the Maltese terrier up the street. My beagles: keeping the world safe from Maltese terriers.

  11. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    I think every Beagle is starving all the time! The only way you can eat anything all by yourself in our house is when the Beagles are out on a walk. When that happens, it feels really strange not giving every other mouthful away to ever open mouths!

  12. cecelia89 said

    That is so funny. Crazy what sets them off. lol My beagle and GSD LOVE scrambled eggs. I always say they are they best diet helpers ever, one bite for them, one for me. LOL

    • harperlea said

      Hi Cecelia,
      I used to have a beagle (lost her to cancer last year) and she raised our now 2-year old GS from 7 weeks…Love to see others who have the same combo!

      • cecelia89 said

        I get so many comments when I take them for walks. LOL Definitely a Mutt & Jeff combo. We had our beagle first, too. Roxi, our GSD, was a shelter rescue. She and Ralphie hit it off immediately. It is fun to see other’s with the same combo. I am sorry for your loss. Ralphie turned 11 on the 11th and I worry so about losing him.

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