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Extra sauce, please

Posted by laurie on September 17, 2012

Our “downtown” consists of a tiny post office, where we pick up our mail, and a family-owned deli/convenience store. They specialize in Mediterranean food and on Saturday Phillip bought our lunch there: a chicken wrap for him and a tuna melt for me. The weather has been spectacular and we ate out on the Taj Ma Patio. The chicken wrap had some kind of yummy Mediterranean sauce on it, and since Phillip didn’t have a plate, he had to lean forward in his chair and let the sauce drip onto the patio rather than his lap.

The boys were very diligent and cleaned up, but their heads were kind of in the way.

It is more like me to rush inside and get Phillip a plate, but I had been lulled into a wonderful 75-degree-day-with-a-tuna-melt kind of mood and I found it much more fun to watch the boys get more and more Mediterranean sauce on their heads. A brief shampoo ensued but just a little of that lovely aroma remains.

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