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Camp Report #2

Posted by laurie on September 26, 2012

Buddy is stretching his wings. He jumped onto the kitchen table (no food there — and don’t worry, Audrey, we laughed!), climbed atop the wood pile, and started to hump Sherman. The last made us reconsider allowing him in the bed, so Buddy will sleep in the pup tent for now.

Stanley, who is below Sherman in the hierarchy, is above Buddy, but as I said, Buddy is trying to be above Sherm. Take that and meditate on it for a while.

Holly is a true beagle chow hound. She rivals Stan in that department. She also likes to stand outside the kitchen door and request “in” despite the fact that she has not one but two doggy doors at her disposal. It’s hard to say no to such a pretty face. I will try to get more pictures of Miss Holly.

12 Responses to “Camp Report #2”

  1. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    Such adorable pictures. I love the last one where they’re romping around playing, and Phillip (right?) is in the background all dressed up. It just is such a fun image. As always, thanks for the wonderful start to my day.

  2. Very interesting news about Buddy. At home- Holly is above Buddy. Maybe he is feeling more macho around the other 2 guys! They both try to jump up on the table- but only when we are not at home. I miss my kids so much. Thanks for making me feel so much better about leaving them. I love Camp Kramer!

  3. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    Beagle chaos is the best!

  4. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    Just adorable. The girls are something aren’t they? LOL

  5. harperlea said

    Maybe for once, Holly is feeling outnumbered by the boys πŸ™‚
    Great pictures as usual.
    Laughed at the story about jumping on the table!

  6. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    I love Buddy’s posture and expression in the second picture. He seems to be quite the character. Looking forward to pictures of Holly’s pretty face πŸ™‚

    Camp Kramer seems like a study in beagle social structure.

  7. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Great pictures, wonderful dogs having a good time!

  8. harperlea said

    I forgot to mention yesterday how much I love the names Mable, Daisy May and Sadie…
    Sounds like Digoatch USA πŸ™‚

  9. We had a little Maltese Poodle when I was growing up. She had a doggie door and was quite efficient with it. Unless we were all in the same room watching TV, then she would stand by the doggie door and bark to be let out.

  10. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    Speaking of multi-beagles, this weekend is the Beagles of New England States (BONES) Beagle Bash! Just in case someone is looking for another friend, check out their site: (Laurie, hope it’s okay to plug a rescue site)

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