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Traffic report

Posted by laurie on September 14, 2012

Phillip went to a fundraiser last night so I went all out and made scrambled eggs for dinner. I took my plate to the Taj Ma Patio along with my camera so I could get a shot of the poor, starving, begging beagles. Unfortunately they were too close to fit in the viewfinder. Midway through my eggs a helicopter flew overhead. Stanley looked up at it and threw his head back to howl. I laughed and laughed. He was so excited that he ran over to the fence to continue his dialog, this time with the neighbors. At which point Sherman started to hump him. There was so much going on that I was able to finish my scrambled eggs, all by myself. You know how rare that is.

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Tippy and Lily

Posted by laurie on September 13, 2012

From Kelly in Vermont: Here is a picture I took this week of Tippy on our walk. It’s a very end-of-summer picture if you ask me.

From Julie (in, I think, NY):
In March of this year, we adopted Lily from Last Hope Animal Rescue in Wantagh, NY. She is from Kentucky and is about 4 years old. I thought I would share this picture with you. She is normally a happy beagle but does not like taking a bath, but tolerates anything.

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Posted by laurie on September 12, 2012

Phillip has not one but two iPads. One he bought, and the other is on full-time loan from the Township for Township business only. Last night at about 6:45 as I was driving home from my third coughing appointment he called to tell me he brought the wrong iPad to the Council meeting and could I please bring the other one. Of course; who am I to impede politics? I made it a mini road trip for the boys. Stanley found a cough drop (wrapper and all) and proceeded to chew it and immediately spit it out. Add cough drops to lettuce as things Stanley won’t eat. I left them in the car and as I walked into the Municipal Building I could hear Stan howling out the window. Too cute. My cough is definitely improved and I’m on a second course of antibiotics so hopefully it will be completely over soon.

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JB and Cassie

Posted by laurie on September 11, 2012

Julie – JB & Cassie’s Mum In England wrote:

This is JB and Cassie in the snow last winter (the single one is JB, looking like a puppy again!). JB is 8 now and Cassie is 5 – we rescued her two years ago, but we’ve had JB from a puppy. It took JB a little while to get used to having another dog in the house but they’re good friends now!

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Posted by laurie on September 10, 2012

As I’ve mentioned, Stanley is a licker. When I come back from a run he is all over me licking off the sweat. And he licks the pillows and bedspread, not to mention his butt. He licks my nose, too, but it’s a brief lick and I prefer to call it a kiss. The other day I was on the couch, pinned between the back on my right and Stanley on my left. He was trying to get comfortable in the minimal space he had allotted himself. He stood, prepared for a circle and on the way around without pausing, gave my nose a little kiss. And of course ended up in the position in which he’d started.

P.S. I’m posting the guest DDs in the order received. I’m not always good at replying to emails, but rest assured that I’ve received and filed them all.

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Dr. Phil

Posted by laurie on September 7, 2012

Throughout my childhood my mother (like many Jewish mothers) urged me to marry a (nice!) Jewish doctor. Little had she known all the benefits that would accompany this. I’ve had a hacking cough for two weeks. Mike in the next office said his wife could hear me through the telephone (I shut my door after that). I’ve had no other symptoms and last week the doctor prescribed antihistamines in case it was an allergy. They didn’t work and the coughing got worse so I went back yesterday and was prescribed antibiotics, an inhaler, and codeine. And I had to get a chest x-ray at the hospital. Phillip was with me for part of my appointment and he told me to call him when I left so that his secretary could call “downstairs.” The hospital has an outpatient testing center (downstairs), where you sign in, then wait, get registered, get your bracelet, then wait, then eventually have your test. Well, a call was made and I was DONE in under twenty minutes! Phillip got the results right away and called me an hour before the doctor’s office did. The x-ray was “boring and normal”. Hooray! And I love my Jewish doctor!

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Posted by laurie on September 6, 2012

Denise wrote:

This is my 12 year old beagle Madison. During a visit to the vet last week for a dental cleaning the vet discovered a tumor on her soft palate. He got three samples of it. The pathology report says it’s melanoma or carcinoma and the prognosis is not good. This picture is of her enjoying the cool grass on an unseasonably warm day this past Spring. It’s one of my favorite pictures of her.

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Why we wear underwear

Posted by laurie on September 5, 2012

It was a wild evening out on the Taj Ma Patio.

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Libby and Emily

Posted by laurie on September 4, 2012

Kristen writes:

These sunbathing beagle beauties are Libby (the blonde) and Emily (the red tick). Libby is 8 years old and best known for her ability to open the fridge to make her and Em dinner if I’m running late, and unzip our guest’s suitcases to get a taste of their minty toothpaste. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease; which her vet tells me explains why she comes across even more ravenous than a typical hungry beagle! Lib is doing great on her meds and has begun to shed a few unwanted pounds, which has put a new step back in her life. Emily is also 8 and was adopted when I saw her as a courtesy post on Beagle on the Web, where she was being cared for by a doxen rescue group. Her foster mom told me she was the most energetic dog she had ever met; but as I got to know her- it turns out she is just a happy, happy beagle girl. She is the most cuddly girly you will meet and loves to follow her sister into trouble and look at you with her sad eyes to say “it was Libby’s fault, I’m the good girl”.

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