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Hello from generator-land

Posted by laurie on October 31, 2012

We survived the superstorm with minimal damage to the house and only a few trees down (although one of them took down the power line – see below). We have no power, phone or Internet but the generator runs the refrigerator, a handful of lights, the microwave, and the well. Not the heat or hot water, though. The grocery store and Home Depot are open but not Princeton University so I”ve been home for three days. We technically don’t have Internet but as I type I’m using Phillip’s cell phone as a wifi hotspot. This is the first time that has actually worked since the power went out. The boys are fine and so are we, so no worries!

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A quick update

Posted by laurie on October 29, 2012

All is well here, despite incredible winds. The rain hasn’t been particularly strong, but hasn’t stopped, either. We still have power, though I am afraid to say that because it might jinx things. It’s been dark for an hour so it’s hard to see if any damage has been done. Stanley thinks the wind is an intruder, but other than that the boys are doing fine. Hopefully they will go out to pee before bed. Phillip had to usher them out this afternoon. I’ll try for some photos tomorrow. Hang on tight, my fellow East Coasters!

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Waiting for Sandy

Posted by laurie on October 29, 2012

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy came over for soup last night. It might be a few days before we see them again, as Hurricane Sandy is poised to hit New Jersey. Phillip has spent the better part of two days preparing the house and yard, and getting the generator ready because it will be a miracle if we don’t lose power.

This is the canal, and on the other side of it (past the path where I broke my foot running) is the Millstone River, which in extreme conditions as we’re expecting today, overflows into the canal which in turn overflows onto the road and creeps up the driveway.

This is a view from the top of the driveway. During Hurricane Floyd, the water rose above that fence at the bottom. We are high and dry, there’s nothing to worry about there. Trees falling is a worry, and flooding for thousands of people in the area is a huge concern. Don’t worry about us, and I’ll update when possible.

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Posted by laurie on October 26, 2012

Yesterday’s photo of Boomer reminded me so much of Clayton that I thought I’d repeat this photo from July 2009. One of Clayton’s favorite activities in his old age was to go to the local the pet food store where I’d let him off leash. He’d barrel down every aisle, sniffing every bag, looking for freebies on the bottom shelves. He was my honey bear.

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Boomer ~and~ Penny (& Sadie)

Posted by laurie on October 25, 2012

Connie, Boomer and Notch’s Mom writes:

Boomer- amazing beagle, amazing spirit, amazing soul. Boomer was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, SARS (sudden acute retinal degeneration) and liver cancer all in the same week. Triple whammy! The doctor said keep her comfortable, love her, enjoy her for the next 60 days, that’s probably all she has. It’s now been five months and I am in awe of her resilience. She cannot see and can barely hear, but she is still amazing. I have discovered that spending our time together sleeping and snuggling is just as enjoyable as taking rides, going to the park and walking. I thank God every day that she is my girl, and that I am lucky enough to spend another day with her.

PS, she may look sad in this photo, but believe me she is just playing me to try to get a treat! Some things never change…

From Peggy. Penny is on the right.

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Rub a dub dub

Posted by laurie on October 24, 2012

Stanley tries silent meditation in an effort to block out the approaching awfulness.

Meditation didn’t work. Plan B: escape.

That wasn’t very effective either, but he survived and even had a kiss for his daddy.

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Jasmine & Ralph ~and~ Buddy

Posted by laurie on October 23, 2012

Kelley a.k.a Jasmine and Ralph’s mom writes:

The pic is of my two four-legged fur children. Jasmine, on the left, with her head cocked in “baroo?” fashion. Ralph on the right looking toward the kitchen. This pic was taken upon return from our morning walk. I had taken my camera with me to take pictures for a “dog-umentary” that I posted on my Facebook page. The dogs were a little impatient with me after all the stops for picture taking along the way, especially Ralph. He’s way more food centered than Jasmine thus the longing look towards the kitchen. 🙂

Paola writes:

Here is my beagle Buddy intently waiting for a treat. He’s an Australian Beagle but looks just like all your American ones. He headed off to the rainbow bridge in March this year after a long and fighting battle with cancer. He was the joy of my life for 9 years and I miss him every day but luckily I have the daily DD for my beagle fix!

P.S. from Laurie: Thanks for the many photos you’ve sent. There is now a bit of a backlog so please be patient for your kids to appear.

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Wherein I complain about the cost of veterinary care

Posted by laurie on October 22, 2012

Phillip took the boys in for their checkups on Friday. They did some blood work, anal glands, nails, etc. Stanley weighs 27 pounds and Sherman 23. That’s a 4 pound loss for Stan since his last visit. Both boys are healthy although the ear infection of Stanley’s that I thought was cured isn’t. So they came home with ear stuff plus one box of heartworm pills each. Grand total: $286.97. But that’s not all! Sherman needs a dental to the tune of $500. Yes, you read that correctly: five hundred dollars, which our doggie insurance doesn’t cover. And the vet said to start brushing Stan’s teeth or he’ll be next. We’re reassessing their monthly allowances. And collecting quarters.

P.S. Scrambled eggs was correct.

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It used to be non-stick

Posted by laurie on October 19, 2012

It might be time for a new skillet. Anyone know how long Calphalon is supposed to last?

Phillip took all these photos and I particularly like this yin/yang thing from above. I rarely shoot from above but I might just have to start.

Extra credit if you know what what they’re eating.

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Tinkerbell ~and~ Truman

Posted by laurie on October 18, 2012

Andrea writes:

Tinkerbell is our 13 year-young beagle. She is the most loving, stubborn, food motivated, perfect family member ever. We say that our son, Graham, gets his stubbornness from her. He says that makes him “part-beagle”, which is fine with us!

Photo “Tinkerbell Butt”: Tinkerbell in her natural state – diving for food, of course!

Angela writes:

This is my sunshine. Truman, who’s now eight, brightens every single day, and I can’t imagine what life was like before him. Now that the weather is getting cooler and there’s a definite autumn chill in the air, he is the best little snuggler at night and loves to burrow under the covers. Beagles are the best little space heaters!

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