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Hello from generator-land

Posted by laurie on October 31, 2012

We survived the superstorm with minimal damage to the house and only a few trees down (although one of them took down the power line – see below). We have no power, phone or Internet but the generator runs the refrigerator, a handful of lights, the microwave, and the well. Not the heat or hot water, though. The grocery store and Home Depot are open but not Princeton University so I”ve been home for three days. We technically don’t have Internet but as I type I’m using Phillip’s cell phone as a wifi hotspot. This is the first time that has actually worked since the power went out. The boys are fine and so are we, so no worries!

24 Responses to “Hello from generator-land”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Thank goodness you’ve been able to post an update for all of us! Your hi-tech ability is a great thing to have in situations like this.

    So glad to hear you’ve had minimal damage. Reports I’ve been hearing out of New Jersey are very scary for many parts of the state. I bet Stanley and Shermie are enjoying having you at home with them for three whole days!

    Continue to keep us updated when you can. Good thoughts and prayers for all those in the BOTW community who are also in the affected areas.

    • harperlea said

      Ditto on what Luana, Cody and Henry said… Well put.
      Prayers for all back east…

      So glad to hear from you Laurie, and that you, Phillip and the boys are fine.

  2. So glad you are okay! It’s very wet and slightly windy here, but nothing like you have had.

  3. Kim, with Ferris & Jack said

    Phew! Glad to see you made it through Sandy with minimal damage, and everyone is fine! Hope the power comes back soon!! Gotta love modern technology…Hang in there!

  4. kim Jackson said

    WHEW! Could have been so much worse! Glad to hear all is comparatively good!

  5. Linda UK said

    So, so pleased to hear that you’re all safe. We saw the TV coverage…
    You deserve ten out of ten for your resourcefulness, Laurie! Hugs to Sherman & Spencer.

  6. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    So glad to hear all is safe and you have weathered it with far less damage than we see on the TV nightly. Hugs and kisses to the kids!

  7. So glad all of you are doing fine, thank god!

  8. Patty in San Jose said

    I’m so glad you, Phillip and the boys are safe and didn’t have a lot of damage. That was one scary storm and reminds me to get my disaster kits updated!

  9. Cody and Henry's aunt said

    We’ve been checkign several times a day to see if there was anything posted. Glad to hear you didn’t suffer any major damage and that all are well.

  10. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    WHEW! Like Cody and Henry’s Aunt, I’ve been checking several times a day. What I’ve seen on the news has been scary as hell and I was worried. So glad you guys are fine!

    Patty, I’m doing the same thing. I think some of those food packets and batteries in my emergency kit and ditch bag are probably expired. I better check the dog food supply too!

  11. Good News. When my refrigerator died a couple of months ago I realized that the refrigerator is the single most important appliance in your home. I polled the neighborhood what they thought the second most important appliance is and the results we all over the board and pretty interesting. I did find out who watches the most TV though.

    What do you think is the second most important appliance in the home? (Emergency generators don’t count)

    We do have a case of canned dog food in our emergency kit.

    • Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

      Glad to hear as well! Amazing what one skinny tree can do to the power lines.
      I’d say 2nd most important appliance would be the furnace. I used to live in a house that could have the furnace hook up to the neighbour’s generator, it was very handy in a few ice storms.

      • We don’t have or need a furnace where we live, so I wouldn’t consider it. However, that is a very good answer. My answer is the washer. I was without a washer for about 3-4 weeks a few years ago and I really missed it. I was amazed how many people answered T.V.

    • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

      In our house it would be the dishwasher. I have a lot of problems with my hands, and physically cannot wash the dishes by hand. Erich tends to let them pile up until we’re out of plates (or cups). So the dishwasher is 2nd most important- otherwise, there are arguments. 🙂

      • So my dishwasher has been broken for about 3 weeks and I find washing dishes by hand not so bad because it is sort of zen therapeutic. . BUT if the dishes couldn’t be washed without a washer because of my hands then the dishwasher would be then second most important appliance for sure. Maybe with a tie with my clothes washer. Never mind. I would get paper plates and have clean clothes. Most of my load is dog towels etc a way.

        Sorry Amy I tried ha ha.

        Hope everything is A Okay on the east coast

  12. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    So glad to read your latest update Laurie – thank goodness you didn’t suffer too much damage. Love to you and your brave little soldiers (Sherman, Stanley and Phillip!)

  13. Baci's mom said

    I live in the higher, dryer part of Delaware, so the worst part of the hurricane for me was walking Baci in the rain and wind. I have a friend in Ohio who does customer service for a major insurance company as a contractor. That means he gets called in when they expect high volume because of a major disaster. He expects to put in 12-hour days for a month. He was terribly concerned about me and had urged me to lay in a supply of Ensure, as well as dog food and bottled water. (I took a pass on the Ensure.) He hears terrible stories, of course, from the customers who call in, but he is awed by the effort the insurance company makes to settle claims quickly, plus offering whatever help they can.

    I would have to say that the second most important appliance is a furnace, depending on time of year or where you live. Next to that, definitely a washing machine.

  14. Nadine Wiseman said

    Glad to hear all is OK, I’ve been thinking of you a lot.

  15. Sue VanOort (Sunny's Mom) said

    We continue to think of you and your family from Minnesota. Please continue to be safe!

  16. Karen S. said

    Glad you got through this in one piece. Those single-use hand warmers are great under the covers for heat (as are beagles).

  17. Scooby's Mom said

    So relieved to hear you are all ok. As many others did, we also checked back here often for an update. Glad to hear you pulled through ok!

  18. mama said

    Beautiful pictures-I just returned home after evacuating

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