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Friday report

Posted by laurie on November 2, 2012

This was all the damage to the house! On the night of the hurricane we heard awful sounds coming from the roof and feared that a solar panel or two were rolling around. Turns out it only this piece of flashing!

We use the generator for only about four or five hours a day, but Phillip feared we might still get low on gas. (There are still wires down on our road so we’re not getting power anytime soon.) This was at one of the less than handful of gas stations open in the area. I got in the “can line” with two 5 gallon cans. It took less than half an hour to go through the line, whereas the “car line” was a two hour wait. Several smart people were filling their cars ups with repeated trips to the can line. I paid my $40 and attempted to pick them up. I could barely lift one. I knew this would happen so I asked the crowd if anyone wanted $10 to carry my cans back to the car. I immediately had a volunteer. People are so nice!

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy got their power back last night. Usually they are the absolute last house to get power, but had some nice luck yesterday.

26 Responses to “Friday report”

  1. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    Yay – this sounds like good news all around! Again, hope things are back to normal very quickly. I suspect my in-laws will be coming north from Long Island to stay with us soon. They have been holding out, but Long Island Power is saying it could be another week without power.

  2. Karen S. said

    Maybe Bob and Nancy will have you over for some nice hot food and drinks!

  3. Rebecca Campbell said

    So glad you got through the storm with minimal damage. Give the Beagles a big hug from the Campbell Pack in Elkhart, IN.

  4. C Siding aka Generator-man said

    So look at the picture under “Hello from generator land”, the one with me grabbing the Sherm by his collar. Note the tree in the road. Note the hole in the tree that just about fits a car. Can you smell the chain saw gas as you look at it? That was the last tree of many I had to cut through at 3:30 Tuesday morning to be able to drive to Town Hall.

  5. Marci said

    So glad things aren’t worse! Hoping the beagles are helping to keep your spirits up!

  6. Cody and Henry's aunt said

    And how much are you being charged for gas now?

    I can’t lift those cans either when they’re full.

    • C Siding aka Generator-man said

      $3.54 (this is NJ) but who cares. Hightest was $4.95.

      • Spunky's Mom said

        $3.54 is only about 5 cents more than what we’re paying in Michigan…….that’s the lowest it’s been in months, and we didn’t have a hurricane….

  7. Elizabeth said

    Hang in there – hope your power is restored soon! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I saw on the news last night the gas lines, and the reporter started counting cars. He gave up at 150. The whole thing makes me so thankful. My heart goes out to all affected.

    I am sure Stanley & Sherman are loving having their peeps around more! 🙂

  9. I am so glad you are all doing fine, even your boys!

  10. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    I’m really glad to see your damage was minimal – it must have been horrible listening to the chaos outside and wondering what was being torn to shreds. My parents told me about surviving a direct hit from Hurricane Florence back when I was 8 weeks old. The noise of the storm was so loud and crazy they didn’t hear an 80-ft tree fall ten feet from the house.

    Our local power company here in the Bay Area has sent a bunch of trucks and personnel out to help you guys in NJ, so look out – er, hang in there.

    • C Siding aka Generator-man said

      The noise was disconcerting but I was able to convince myself there was nothing i could do about it now so i went to sleep.

      • Scott and Scout said

        Sleep!? In all that racket? You need to teach me that trick. Good wishes for your town’s quick recovery.

  11. Bernie & Cubby beagle imposters said

    Anyone know how Audrey, Holly and Buddy are doing? I realize that she probably doesn’t have power or internet service and, not surprisingly, her most important priority can’t be soothing our anxieties, but I am, nevertheless, worried. If anyone knows how they are, please report.

  12. Linda UK said

    We keep seeing more & more new footage over here in England from New Jersey & I’m so glad you’re all safe although being without power must be frustrating. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get reconnected soon.
    I’m so dreadfully sorry for all those who have lost their lives & homes….

    BTW, petrol (gas) costs about $6.20 a gallon (US) in the UK!

  13. Aw yes, gas lines. I remember them when I was in school in the 70’s. Longs lines, angry people, hot tempers. I would wait in line for an hour or so (it was the only way I got to drive my mom’s car during the gas crisis) and get close to the front and some idiot would pull out a gun and they would have to close the gas station. Those were the days.

    Gas is about $4.23 here right now. I remember (yes another one) when I was in high school my boyfriend would buy gas at the cheap gas station for about $ .32 a gallon. THAT’S Right folks. But we didn’t have cell phones, now that’s a trade off.

    So much for reminiscing.

    Hope you get your power on soon. And glad your damage was minimal. And happy C. Siding got to use his chain saw. there’s nothing like a power tool in a middle of a crisis that will calm the soul of a man.

  14. Karen S. said

    They are running low on gas in my part of Connecticut now.

  15. Nadine Wiseman (Brisbane, Australia) said

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with your situation Laurie and Phillip even when your lives are pretty upside down.

  16. Sue V.t (Sunny's Mom) said

    Positive thoughts still coming from Minnesota for you, your family and the rest of the area affected by the storm. Sunny hopes that all of his fellow beagles are safe and enjoying extra Mommy and Daddy time!

  17. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    So glad to hear you are all keeping safe and warm(ish!) Hope you get your power back soon and the weather is kinder in the mean time.

  18. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Glad to hear that your house has minimal damage and that Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy now have power. Sending positive energy that your area will get power back very soon.

    I’m very concerned when I hear stories of the long gas lines and some people who get aggressive and sometimes SCARY in these situations. Gas in my part of Wisconsin has dropped to around $3.39 a gallon, but who knows when that will change again?

    Be safe, everyone.

  19. Hi Everyone – the power just came on here in this part of New Jersey. We have been without power , heat, internet, cell phone access for 7 days now. It got down to 45 degrees in the house last night. Buddy and Holly hated the hurricane winds. They would not leave our side. They refused to go out and we found some ” accidents” in the house. Both of them shivered constantly. I covered them with blankets and tried to keep them in our bed, but they refused to stay put, and followed us around the house and just sat there shivering and trying to jump in our laps.
    One tree fell and hit the side of my house. Can’t see much damage until I can get the tree removed. It may have damaged my siding and chimney. I know it took out my gutter and down spout. Trees blocked both ends of my street and we just were able to leave the block on Friday. No gas here – Have to travel about 5 miles to wait in line. They are rationing here now – odd and even days – going by your license plate. We did not have a generator – and could go no where- so I guess long gas lines are not a problem- yet.

    I can return to work tomorrow……but….. They need my office for employees displaced from our building in south end of Manhattan. The building there was under sea water and has been shut down for safety reasons. Someone from that building will have my office – in Jersey City – while I get to remote in from home for the next 2 – 4 weeks. Sweet !

    • Linda UK said

      Well, I suppose they do say every cloud has a silver lining! Although I reckon this is a cloud you could have all done without, that’s for sure.
      I’m so glad you’re safe though, Audrey & I do so hope Buddy & Holly too are feeling safer now, I’m sending them a hug from ‘over the pond’.

    • Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

      We had the odd and even license plate system during the 70’s gas crisis. I wonder what they do with personalized plates? And our cars have commercial plates, what about those?

      Glad you are okay.

      After Hurricane Iniki in 1992 my cousins in Kailua didn’t have power for a couple of months. Pat got real creative with the BBQ. We had rolling blackouts for a couple of weeks. We didn’t have computers or cell phones back then so I think it was a lot easier.

    • Bernie & Cubby beagle imposters said

      Am relieved to hear that you and yours are ok and the damage is, at least, fixable. How is little Holly’s dew claw coming along? So glad you didn’t wait until the worst of Sandy arrived to get her to the vet. I imagine both of them were, indeed, really scared and that, as well as the cold, was responsible for the shivering.

      I must say, you folks on the East Coast have not only my thoughts and prayers but my admiration. With some exceptions, from what I have read and heard, you all have emerged from this crisis with focus and strength and a new perspective. It will serve you well in the weeks and months to follow as you recover from the damage, rebuild and repair.

      Glad you were able to update us as to your situation. I was concerned.

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