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Posted by laurie on November 12, 2012

We cleaned up the house this past weekend. The living room was a mess with logs and bedding and cans of Diet Mt. Dew. Phillip vacuumed out the fireplace and now it looks like nothing ever happened. Meanwhile, he is busy pricing different systems that would give us heat and hot water in a similar situation. We can’t get natural gas where we live, but propane is an option.

Sunday afternoon we got a phone call from the neighbor on the other side that “one of your beagles is loose.” It’s the first time this has happened to these guys. It was Sherman, and Phillip got him within just a few minutes. An (re-)examination of the fence revealed a small escape route through the gate which was slightly bent from a tree (or something like that). Everyone is fine.

Our neighbors, who only moved in a couple of months ago, lost a beautiful row of pine trees, and there were 4 guys working Friday through Sunday cutting up the trees and feeding them into their big orange tree eating truck (quite loud). Stanley was adamant in his disapproval of the whole thing, but I don’t think they heard him.

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