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Open for discussion: Nov. 27

Posted by laurie on November 27, 2012

22 Responses to “Open for discussion: Nov. 27”

  1. Margie - Trooper and Lucy's mom said

    Anyone ever had the problem of their beagle licking their cat too much?? My cat had a hot spot on his back and Trooper (10 year old) thinks he’s a doctor and won’t quit licking it. But instead of healing it, it’s gotten worse. I’ve tried “lick guard” (nasty stuff) and the spray bottle but I can’t be there all the time. So now the poor kitty is on antiobiotics and quarantined until it gets better but I’m afraid we’ll get back in the same old boat when kitty gets out of jail. Anyone have a solution???

    • Susan in DE said

      Good luck with that, Margie … yikes!

      I don’t mean to change the subject, but I’m just trying to add another one (Stupid new work computer only lets me reply to posts on this site, I can’t post new ones!).

      I just wanted to build on yesterday’s post from Carol (Eddy’s Mom), where she said she was going to donate her planned DD calendar purchase money to a beagle rescue. In honor of “Giving Tuesday” and this great idea, here are a few beagle rescue sites that I know about (I’m sure there are more):

      SOS Beagle Rescue (Laurie and Stan are on the home page!)
      BREW Beagle Rescue (Josie’s favorite :->)
      NorCal Beagle Rescue (AND you can get a cool t-shirt for a $25 donation!)

      Another organization to consider is BARKS in NJ. A friend of mine just passed away last week from cancer and other complications, and they stepped up to give her healthy but FeLV+ cat a home in their sanctuary:

    • Kaye - Bode's mum said

      Margie, my last beagle did that – not with the cat, but with us! She wanted to lick you constantly if you had a cut (she would even try to remove band-aids). It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Did Trooper cause the hot spot? If so, I’d say there’s a problem. If not, things should be okay once the hot spot heals?

      • Margie - Trooper and Lucy's mom said

        No – can’t blame that on Trooper – Mr. Kitty has an area on his back that fur won’t grow – we found him in our yard years ago and Vet doesn’t know what caused it – that’s where the hot spot was

    • Beaglemom to Ben & Tito said

      Most dogs HATE the smell and taste of tea tree oil. Talk to your vet before putting it on kitty. It is really a great deterrent.

  2. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    If your hounds sleep with you, how often do you bathe them? Just curious. Happy Tuesday everyone!

    • Susan in DE said

      Josie goes to the groomer about every 6 weeks, even though she doesn’t sleep in the bed with us (Jordan used to, he was on the same schedule, though). That schedule is more for nail trimming than bathing, but since we found a groomer we really like and she doesn’t do nail trimming alone, it’s worth the $40 per visit. Of course, if she finds something stinky to roll in between visits, there’s a serious sponge bath. :->

    • We have an enclosed shower stall with a hand help shower head -and use it for Buddy and Holly one a month. They both sleep with us and although they are not too too smelly – when they burrow under the covers and get all hot- when they come up for air – they have that certian smell about them. We have a 1st of the month routine – they each get a bath/shower with their anti ich medicated shampoo, get towel dried off then get their heartworm ” treat” wrapped in liverwurst. After they have dried for a while we apply their flea & tick meds to the back of their necks and just have to keep them separated so that they don’t lick it. Each morning when we take showers, they venture into the bathroom, but as soon as the shower door is opened – they run for their lives. It takes the two of us to get each one in the shower on the 1st of the month. I’ve never met a dog who likes baths.

      • Gretchen Kasch said

        I read somewhere that you arent suppose to bathe dogs for a few days before and after applying the flea meds (like Frontline). It might make it less effective. FYI. You might want to look into this.

      • Thanks Gretchen – I asked my vet about it a while ago. He said that it was okay, because Frontline and other types like it are water proof. I just have to make sure that they are completely dry before putting it on, so sometime I even wait a day. Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.

    • Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

      We get so much rain in the UK just lately that ours never need a proper bath! They come in wet and dirty nearly every day after their walk, so we wash their undercarriages using a bucket and then towel them dry. The one advantage of all that towelling is that their coats are beautifully soft, because it spreads the oil evenly through the coat.

    • Spunky's Mom said

      Spunky only gets a bath about once a year – usually in the fall or winter as a result of rolling in something smelly while at grandma’s house. She never seems dirty, doesn’t smell bad, and her fur is naturally very soft. I’ve heard bathing them too much is not good for their skin, and she doesn’t really seem to need it, so we only take her for a bath (won’t even attempt it at home) when necessary. She sleeps on our bed every night and we don’t notice an odor problem. Maybe my husband and I smell like beagles and don’t realize it 🙂

    • donnabeaglemama said

      Every week. Its hot and humid here and if you go 2 weeks they stink. Of course sooner if they roll.

  3. dezlboy said

    Scout gets under the covers. Except for getting wet in a rain storms, he hasn’t had a bath in over five years or more. Then again, neither have I 🙂

  4. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    You can’t imagine how I felt comforted by all the thoughts and kind words on the sudden loss of our cat Emma. I am still looking around for her to jump up on the bed and mistakenly have called the other cats Emma. Thanks to all of you.

    • Susan in DE said

      Hang in there. It’s tough for a long time, but it will get easier. You always miss them, but eventually it stops being total agony. We’re all here for you!

  5. I have an idea to re-use this years calendar so you can get your monthly beagle fix. Buy a cheap 2013 calendar then staple/tape each month over the 2012 month and re-use 2012. You can have your beagle fix and be “greenish” at the same time.

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