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Open for discussion: Nov 29

Posted by laurie on November 29, 2012

21 Responses to “Open for discussion: Nov 29”

  1. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    Good morning, all. I was just in my office, and saw a neighbor walk by with his Beagle Prancer. Kramer (my beloved Beagle who joined others at the Rainbow Bridge in July) and Prancer were good friends. Like 2 old men who would say Hello! Often, Kramer would be out front on his zip line giving him access through our front yard to “almost” the public sidewalk and when Prancer would walk by, Prancer would make a bee line to see Kramer. Prancer is now 12 I believe, and Kramer was 13. But when they’d reunite, you’d see glimpses of two puppies for just about 1 minute – smelling, wagging, zipping around the yard – and then it’d be as if they went back to being old, ignoring each other. I am SO glad to witness this between these 2 friends. Prancer Still pauses at our yard even though Kramer is no longer. It’s very sweet to witness this intimacy in two old friends.

    • Susan in DE said

      What a sweet memory! :->

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

      Dogs are so cool.
      Today is my late great Kichwa’s birthday. She’s been at the Bridge now longer than she was with us, but we’ll remember her and miss her always. It seems our dogs have that same capacity for attachment and love and remembrance.

    • Kaye - Bode's mum said

      Thanks for sharing that, Kate!

    • Karen S. said

      I was recently doing some cleaning (an event so rare that my dogs were worried maybe we were moving), and I found a lot of pictures of my beagles that have gone on to the bridge. Shared them with Mom and sister. Sweet memories indeed.

      • Harper said

        LOL KAREN!!! You cracked me up… I thought I was the only one who was rather sporadic with cleaning….

      • Carol, Eddy's mom said

        Add me to the sporadic cleaning club. Also, Eddy knows where his buddies live. If we are walking by and they are not in the yard, Eddy stops and makes a whining sort of sound. I really think he is calling them

  2. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    I heard a lovely story about doggy friendship only yesterday. A friend at work has a friend who has adopted a dog recently, who was one of four that lived with an old lady. The old lady died and the four dogs were all rehomed separately. One day last week, in the local park, the lady was walking her dog, which was off the lead, when it suddenly ran across the park to another dog. They greeted each other joyously and ran around, tails wagging. It turned out the other dog was one of the four that lived with the old lady and the two had recognised each other in the park. They had been apart for quite some time, over a year I think, but they obviously hadn’t forgotten each other. So anyone who thinks don’t form friendships or relationships would be quite wrong!

    Our JB has many doggy friends and I always know when one has walked along a path before us, because he picks the scent up and trails the friend, pulling like a train to try and catch up! Cassie doesn’t have special friends, she’s friends with everyone!

  3. Linda UK said

    These are lovely stories of beautiful friendship 🙂

  4. Harper said

    I’m trying to catch up on the last 4 days….
    Sam & Sweetums’ Mom: So very sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty Emma. It’s tough no matter what the situation, but it was heart-warming to read abou the vet techs… thank goodness for those angels! Sending thoughts & prayers your way….

    I used to be better about washing our dogs twice a year (once in the fall in prep for the winter coat, and once in the spring to get rid of the winter coat & fuzzies); but I’ve been sadly lacking in that… Shotzy Girl still smells like a sweet German Shepard Puppy to me — in fact, I love the smell of her fur; JD still smells like he always has (sweet labrador fur), but Bartles WHEW…. he’s my little Frito Chip… he definitely smells “houndy”. I think it was Karen (please correct me if I’m mistaken) who said their beagles don’t smell bad, but then again, maybe they smell like beagles and don’t know it… that’s probably the case with me!!!

    I love the story of the doggie friendships… very heart-warming. Bartles knows his little buddies (one is a Yorkie Shiz Tu (Sp?) mix and the other they THINK is a Cairn Terrier… it looks like a white Toto dog) across the street, though he doesn’t see them every day, and sometimes not for weeks…. but Barts knows they’re there…

  5. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I love the stories of the doggie friendships.

    I was petting ours today and thought ‘you guys feel a little grimy’ so I guess baths are immenient (sp?). If I wait a little longer, I can tie it in with the massive housecleaning I’ll do just before my folks arrive, and they will associate baths with good things (Grammy & Grampy coming to visit).

  6. dezlboy said

    Totally off subject. This morning I locked Scout in the bedroom with his breakfast as workmen were in the house, and I was going out.. About two hours later, I came back home and had Scout with me in my office all afternoon until 4:30 PM. When the workmen left, I let Scout out of the office. About 30 min later I heard crunching noises. He was up in the bedroom eating his breakfast.

    I can not believe this chow hound didn’t eat breakfast. Sometimes, I have him sit and give him the “okay” to eat. I didn’t this AM, but he’s not that trained! 🙂

  7. Monica said

    I’ve been trying to talk my husband into adopting a third beagle but his main argument against it is that walking three beagles at one time would be way too difficult, especially on days when only one of us walks them. I was hoping for some advice on how to handle more than two dogs with only two hands? With our two dogs now we use retractable leashes and they’re always getting tied up.

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

      I have three beagles and I walk them alone. It’s not the easiest thing, but we’re working through it (we just got the third beagle this year). I don’t use retractable leashes and I can’t imagine that being feasible with hounds. I just use regular leashes, and I hold the wildest of the bunch in my left hand (I have some tendinitis in my right arm/shoulder) and the two more tractable units in my right hand.

      I’ve trained the dogs to *mostly* stay in the same relative positions to minimize tangles. Just like the US Air Force’s Blue Angels exhibition flying team, we fly the Delta formation: Colonel Peabody, who will just truck along as fast as I’ll allow, is in the Number One position out front. Commander Lily, who likes to scan for food-like objects along the border of the sidewalk, is Number Two, I’m Number Three, and Captain Gomez, who likes to be surrounded by his pack members, is in the Slot at Number Four.

      It’s still often complete chaos when an interesting scent pops up, which my neighbors find highly entertaining.

      • Harper said

        Cathy you are a hoot!
        I always enjoy your posts!

      • Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

        Bless your heart! I had my hands full with Kramer, who would Always drag behind smelling everything, and Gandolf who Always is our front. A third? Might just walk normally. 😉

    • Tuckers Dad said

      We have 3. My wife never walks all 3 but I do occasionally. Our problem is Yuki and Niko are go go go and Tucker is slow and wants to constantly sniff. Short leashes is the key. The longer the leash the harder to handle them. Also having all the leashes the same length helps. I try to compromise with the walking styles by making Tucker mover faster and making the girls slow down and stop longer to sniff. Niko likes to sniff once and she is done. Yuki sniffs a while but not too long. Tucker does a DNA analysis.
      I rarely to never use retractable leashes. You just don’t have the control and you can’t grab the line to control them. Leather leashes are best for control, but nylon ones are lighter and easier to hold multiple leashes. I like to hold all three with one hand but my wife prefers separate hands. It is a matter of preference. With all 3 I call it a Ben Hur walk. Reminiscent of the chariot race scene in Ben Hur. Have fun.

    • Harper said

      I can sometimes walk Bartles (basset hound) and Shotzy (german shepard) but I use the gentle leader on Shotzy… keeps her from yanking my arm out of the socket. I can’t put JD (labrador) in the mix, since he & Bartles only tolerate the other’s presence ….

  8. Monica said

    Thank you for all your replies! Although he seems entrenched in the two-is-enough mindset, I think I may at least be able to convince him to ditch the retractable leashes.

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