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Poor Sherman

Posted by laurie on November 14, 2012

Mr. Pillow Man has gone upstairs and Blanket Boy has returned.

So this box contained a tiny hot water heater, which Phillip wisely bought before Sandy. I’m not quite sure how it works but we were able to take short hot showers in the bathtub with a garden hose. He’s my hero!

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Scout ~and~ Phoebe & Nathaniel

Posted by laurie on November 13, 2012

Scott writes:

Scout was a rescue at 1 yr old, he’s now 12 yrs old, 30 lbs. . A true beaglemutt. Nose to ground, eats anything (and I mean anything…yuck!), steals pillows, and those sad “I want some of that food” clown eyes. First day I had him we went to a school yard to run. Within five minutes he had a baby rabbit in his mouth. I freaked. Black dots on muzzle (near nose) are result of hair not growing back after a snake bite caused massive swelling, blistering, oozing. Not pretty.

Jacqui writes:

We rescued Phoebe (blue tic) about four years ago and her brother, Nathaniel (tri-color), two years later. They are inseparable.

However, two adults with bad backs, knees and hips, two beagles and one queen bed poses challenges and sleepless nights. But the kids love being with us and we like them with us. They are our perpetual toddlers.

Because we both work and the dogs are crated during the day (they are all beagle and they share the middle name “Mischief”) crating at night was out of the question for me if they were not in bed with us.

I had the crazy idea of getting our beagle toddlers a used crib, comfy pillows and blankets, and having them sleep not in the bed with us, but right next to it.

All we got to say is “nighty, night” and they know it is time to run to the bedroom and their special bed. They are tucked in, given bedtime treats and hunker down for a good night sleep after three turns around and a little scratching.

Much like two legged children, they stand at the crib rails wagging and yipping the next morning ready to start their day. After potty and breakfast, they do get in bed for some mommy and daddy loving.

Everyone sleeps well! And no beagles sleep like these two. It is an art form.

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Posted by laurie on November 12, 2012

We cleaned up the house this past weekend. The living room was a mess with logs and bedding and cans of Diet Mt. Dew. Phillip vacuumed out the fireplace and now it looks like nothing ever happened. Meanwhile, he is busy pricing different systems that would give us heat and hot water in a similar situation. We can’t get natural gas where we live, but propane is an option.

Sunday afternoon we got a phone call from the neighbor on the other side that “one of your beagles is loose.” It’s the first time this has happened to these guys. It was Sherman, and Phillip got him within just a few minutes. An (re-)examination of the fence revealed a small escape route through the gate which was slightly bent from a tree (or something like that). Everyone is fine.

Our neighbors, who only moved in a couple of months ago, lost a beautiful row of pine trees, and there were 4 guys working Friday through Sunday cutting up the trees and feeding them into their big orange tree eating truck (quite loud). Stanley was adamant in his disapproval of the whole thing, but I don’t think they heard him.

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Sam & Barkley ~and~ Shiloh

Posted by laurie on November 9, 2012

Leah writes:

Sam the Beagle and Barkley the Basset:
When they were out, they wanted to be in; when they were in, they wanted to be out! Two good hound dogs who are dearly missed
(these photos are from about 1988).

Elizabeth writes:

Here is our dog Shiloh, she was 5 years old later last month, 1 day after my husband and my birthday! She is a rescue beagle from NorCal Beagles, and we’ve had her for 3 years. She has a 1 year old human sister who feeds her snacks, so she is a little chubby. But she is a beautiful and very sweet beagle.

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Power to the Kramers!

Posted by laurie on November 8, 2012

Phillip took this picture yesterday morning. He was never so glad to see an electric company truck. And when I got home yesterday afternoon I was never so glad to throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.

Last night brought a Nor’Easter. Did you know they are naming winter storms now? This one is Athena, who, according to Wikipedia is the “goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.” And ladders and beagles.

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Biscuit ~and~ Daisy and Dexter

Posted by laurie on November 7, 2012

Amber writes:

This was our Biscuit at our local Halloween Pet Parade last year. He was dressed as a very compliant Starship Enterprise while my husband was dressed as Spock. He had just been diagnosed with lymphoma and began chemo treatments a few days later. Unfortunately, he died in June so there will be no costume this year. He was such a good sport with his costume!! Just kept giving me the big, pleading, beagle eyes like he was asking, “Why do you let him do these things to me?” LOL!

Mark writes:

On the left is Daisy, our rescue beagle, now living the life of luxury, on the loveseat and watching TV, which she loves, but only animal shows, and Dexter in his Thundershirt for storms. [Mark – does it help?]

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Do the math

Posted by laurie on November 6, 2012

As of yesterday, there were about 3,500 customers (i.e. homes) without power in our town, and they expect to get 500-600 online per day. Okay….

But Phillip has other math on his mind, namely 270 Electoral College votes. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Still no power…

Posted by laurie on November 5, 2012

At night we sleep on the Aerobed with the fireplace running (Phillip feeds it several times each night). With the tarps keeping in the heat it was in the 60s. Toasty warm, comparatively speaking. Audrey posted yesterday (#19) that her power was finally restored, and that without a generator or fireplace the house got to as low as 48 degrees. Brrrr!

The boys enjoy the down comforter during the day.

And Phillip and I enjoy dressing up Mr. Pillow Man.

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Friday report

Posted by laurie on November 2, 2012

This was all the damage to the house! On the night of the hurricane we heard awful sounds coming from the roof and feared that a solar panel or two were rolling around. Turns out it only this piece of flashing!

We use the generator for only about four or five hours a day, but Phillip feared we might still get low on gas. (There are still wires down on our road so we’re not getting power anytime soon.) This was at one of the less than handful of gas stations open in the area. I got in the “can line” with two 5 gallon cans. It took less than half an hour to go through the line, whereas the “car line” was a two hour wait. Several smart people were filling their cars ups with repeated trips to the can line. I paid my $40 and attempted to pick them up. I could barely lift one. I knew this would happen so I asked the crowd if anyone wanted $10 to carry my cans back to the car. I immediately had a volunteer. People are so nice!

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy got their power back last night. Usually they are the absolute last house to get power, but had some nice luck yesterday.

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Thursday report

Posted by laurie on November 1, 2012

A quick check-in while we have Internet access – only in the early AM. We continue to be fine, and grateful it wasn’t worse. Yesterday Phillip cordoned off the living room with tarps and with a fire going it is 68 degrees vs. 58 in the kitchen. He is taking good care of me! We brought the Aero-bed downstairs and slept in the living room. The boys like their new dog bed. Thank-you so much for your thoughts and prayers and concerns!

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