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Trade ya?

Posted by laurie on December 5, 2012


Close your eyes and imagine an apple core on the floor next to Stanley. See it? Good. When given a treat, Sherman immediately runs into the living room to eat it on the rug. Stanley eats it on the spot (what we call in the biology biz, in situ) with one exception: apple cores. He takes apple cores into another room for some privacy. So when he got an apple core the other night, he took it into the hallway, and since Sherman doesn’t like apples Phillip took out one of these fragrant jerky strips for him. Sherman went to the living room and Stanley returned to the kitchen with the apple core in his mouth, which he dropped to the floor as if to say, “those are better – gimme!” We tried to recreate this last night but Phillip ate a pear instead of an apple and Stanley ate it before the jerky strips came out. In any event, it was hilarious.

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