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Bad boy (Phillip!)

Posted by laurie on December 10, 2012


I don’t let the boys on the counter for their enjoyment.


It’s just that Phillip gets such a kick out of it.


Though, apparently, not as much as Sherman.

13 Responses to “Bad boy (Phillip!)”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    LOL – how funny! You have to be a dog (or dog and cat) person to appreciate beagles on the kitchen counter!

    Our cats have been getting on our counters for years to eat their food. Cat food placed on the floor will be immediately eaten by the beagles otherwise!

  2. Jacqui said

    Husbands are so hard to raise these days. Have you tried crating Phillip? LOL!

  3. What great pictures ! Buddy and Holly both have the bad habit of pushing the chair away from the table and then jumping up on it – then on to the table – then to the back of the chair – then up on to the counter. They only do it when we are gone of course. One day I want to set up a video camera and catch them in action. I would love to know if the work as a team.

    • Val BeagleMom of Scotter and Snickers said

      The late, great Hawkeye did this often. She would jump from the chair to a table to stand on hind legs to reach things on top of the fridge. My Beagle had advanced problem solving skills. It’s comforting (?) to know she was just being Beagle-like.

  4. Karen S. said

    My Blue the bird dog is tall enough to counter-surf. Disaster!

  5. harperlea said

    Tang the Cat doesn’t normally hang out on the counters (thankfully) but he does like to lounge on the kitchen table (much to my dismay) and more often right after I put a fresh tablecloth on! He will cruise the counter only to drink out of the kitchen faucet and sometimes jumps up on top of the fridge (for no apparent reason)… Shotzy the German Shepard is tall enough to counter cruise but she’s generally pretty good…
    I just said “peanut butter” and all pups came into the kitchen … Old JD was snoozing on the guest bed, and yet foomp he was there for his bit of PB….

  6. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    Thank you for the laugh. Mine thankfully cannot counter surf, although Cobalt did try to snag some cookies this weekend off the table as I was baking. He didn’t succeed.

    We finally found regular canned pumpkin (not pie pumpkin) for the beags- and they LOVE it!

  7. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    It’s not just Phillip who gets a kick out of Beagles on Counters! The Loaf had a moment with the pantry on Saturday and almost managed to jump onto the second shelf before she was apprehended.

  8. Tuckers Dad said

    Tucker can get to the edge of the counter as he is one of those beagles that could have played center aka Spenser. However, Saturday I was eating cereal at the table and went to answer the phone. Dumb me didn’t push the chair in and Yuki was on the table eating my Chocolate Cheerios. I really wanted to eat them.

  9. Scott and Scout said

    Be Careful! Sherm might see those car keys on the counter!

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