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Cody and Henry

Posted by laurie on December 11, 2012



Luana writes (in October, sorry about that!):

It’s been raining all weekend here in Wisconsin (both Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14). Because of my work schedule, the only time I can usually take Cody and Henry to the doggie park (12 miles one way) is on the weekends. During the summer, when it was light until 9 PM, I would sometimes take them to the park after work on weekdays. Now with the shorter days it gets dark WAY too quickly to go after I get home from work, so weekends are the only time we can go – and this weekend we were rained out.

I was sitting on the sofa with the boys and noticed Cody’s wistful face as he lay with his head on the pillow. I got up to get the camera, and fortunately he was in the same position when I got back. I got a good closeup of him, and then another one of both Cody and Henry. Blame Mother Nature, boys – we can’t always have sunny weather on weekends. Hopefully, next weekend!

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