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Posted by laurie on December 17, 2012


As if there isn’t enough sadness, I am unhappy to report that my sister’s basset hound, Telsha, passed away this weekend. She lived a long life but it’s never enough, is it? Telsha was a very sweet little girl and I know that Nancy and Rick miss her terribly. Here’s Nancy’s tribute:

Rest in peace, dear sweet little Telsha! You were found wandering the streets of Medford, OR, and we were so honored to give you your forever home. You never asked for anything except raw veggies and popcorn. How will we ever make a salad again without seeing your little snoot, waiting for a treat? We miss you with all our hearts, and we are comforted only by knowing you are no longer in pain. We love you, little Telshie!

28 Responses to “Telsha”

  1. Darlene said

    So very hard to lose a pet….. so sorry to hear this, but so happy to hear that your sister rescued her and she a a wonderful life!

  2. harperlea said

    Our hearts go out to you, Nancy and Rick…
    Telsha was a sweet beauty. May she be met by all those of the DD family that have gone before.

    Sending prayers and hugs from the Lash Pack in California.

  3. harperlea said

    Also, JD, Shotzy, Bartles, Tang the cat, and Quincie send their love and support to Elliot…

  4. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    It is So hard losing a beloved pet. My prayers and thoughts are with you guys. Telsha’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge and has found many happy friends greeting her where she’ll always eat popcorn and veggies. So sorry. 😦

  5. Sending hugs and good thoughts to your sister and family. Wonderful to hear that Telsha was a rescue and had such a great life.

  6. Lynne said

    So sorry to hear about Telsha. It is so difficult to lose a much loved pet. I am sure she was greeted by our Samantha and all the other DD family members who have gone before her. May she rest in peace and may it give you comfort to know that she is now running free from pain and enjoying all her favorite treats.

  7. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    I am so sorry to hear about Telsha. It sounds as if she had a wonderful life and will be waiting for you across the rainbow bridge. May you find peace in the memories of her. Sounds like she would have loved you to get a salad shooter!!

  8. Steve said

    My condolences. Bassets are among my favorites, just like Beagles.

  9. Rebecca said

    I’m so sorry to hear about Telsha. I too know the feeling of making food and wanting to feed those scraps to the beloved pet. 3 years later and I still want to give the strawberry greens to my QT Pi. It does get easier, but you never forget! I love Nancy’s tribute…it’s beautiful!

  10. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    it is a beautiful tribute…..So glad to hear that Nancy and Rick rescued her and gave her such a wonderful life. Again, no words can express our sorrow for all of you. All of us at DD have known the heart break and our hearts break with yours. But oh what memories to cherish. Please give Elliott an extra dose of love from all of us.

  11. Rusty Bob, Maggie Mae and Odie Bug Jackson- Texas said

    A hug from the Jacksons – we feel your pain and will miss seeing her here for sure.

  12. Carolyn Campbell said

    Sending prayers and hugs from Reno, Nevada. There are no words for your loss except hoping one day you both will meet again at Rainbow Bridge. So happy you rescue her and she had a wonderful life!!!!! God bless.

  13. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    I’m so sorry to hear about Telsha – she was a lovely hound dog and I enjoyed seeing her on the DD. Hugs from the Tembo pack in California.

  14. Scott (and Scout) said

    Sending my sympathies. Isn’t that so true of our beloved dogs. They ask for so little, and give so much. Tesla was so fortunate to have shared his life with your family, and vice-versa. Try to find peace in remembering the love and loyalty that you shared.

  15. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    What a sweetie pie and what a lovely tribute. Take comfort in the knowledge that you gave her a lovely life and did the very best you could for her – no-one can do anymore. I know how much you must miss her though.

  16. Nancy said

    Thank you all for the lovely notes! The hardest thing so far has been that we couldn’t be with Telsha when it happened. We were away when the vet called us. We are now leaving for home to find the emptiness. It will hit with full force then. Sigh…. from Laurie’s sister, Nancy

  17. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending love and comfort to Nancy and Rick and Telsha’s family.

  18. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    Such sad news 😦 Telsha, always looks so patient and sweet (and soft). Love today’s picture, ears half in and half out.
    Find comfort in the memories she leaves with you. Hugs and love from Eddy and his pack

  19. Bernie & Cubby beagle imposters said

    We are so very blessed to have been given the gifts our beloved 4-legged friends bestow on us every day. When they go, the grief we feel is profound as we are left with memories of what was and is no longer. The measure of sorrow you feel is proportional to the love given and received. May you take comfort in knowing that you gave Telsha a home in which she was well cared for and loved. You can have no doubt that she loved and appreciated every kind thing you did for her. Her very existance depended on it.

    My wish for you is that your lives will continue to be filled with the love exchanged between man’s best friend and its human. Give Elliott extra hugs (and, maybe a little extra treat).

  20. Rebecca Campbell said

    Rest in peace, beautiful Telsha.

  21. Carol, Libby's mom said

    Dear Nancy and Rick,
    There is not much to add to all the sympathetic messages but please know that we will all miss Telsha. You are not alone in that. She is the newest sweetheart to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I agree that Elliot should get extra hugs and treats.

  22. Sue K said

    Nancy & Rick, so sorry to hear about Telsha. Those babies we lost on Friday need a playmate and I can see Telsha fulfilling that role! She is also there to eat the carrots they don’t want! Love from the Kneeland Beagles and their Clan

  23. Elizabeth said

    I’m so sorry to hear about Telsha. I hope Nancy and Rick find comfort in memories of the special times they had with her, and in the knowledge that they gave her a wonderful life.

  24. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    It is so hard to lose a beloved 4-legged child at any time, but especially so during the holiday season. My heart goes out to Telsha’s family at this very difficult time. She was truly a sweetheart.

  25. Paola said

    Sorry to hear about Telsha. She was a very sweet girl. Condolences Nancy & Rick

  26. Peggy Michaels said

    My sympathy for your loss. Telsha was a beauty, inside and out.

  27. Leah said

    With sympathy on the loss of Telsha, a beautiful basset.

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