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Festive beagles!

Posted by laurie on December 31, 2012


Bonnie writes:
I tried for a festive action shot, but this is the best I got. Spunky loves opening presents – more than what’s inside – and when hers are all opened, she helps us by shredding wrapping paper all over the floor. When I saw her sitting there with a piece of paper stuck to her lip, I had to try to capture it. It’s kind of amazing that we can have the gifts under the tree for days and she doesn’t really bother them – except the ones for her. How she knows, I have no idea, but she always does. Come time for opening the gifts, however, and she’s like a little kid – gets so excited she just wriggles.


Luana writes:

Here are some Christmas Day pix of my precious boys. I love the one of Henry (wearing the Christmas collar)and his Uncle Dennis (sort of like your Uncle Bob!). Uncle Dennis managed to hold Cody still long enough for me to get a picture of the two of them wearing their Santa hats.


Sara and Chris write:

I’ve attached a photo of my two girls, Ruby on the left, and Shay on the right. The little dog in the middle is Matilda, a friend’s rat terrier who is staying with us for a week, and although little is taking ownership of all the stuffed toys Santa Paws brought. This pose required a large number of treats!


Margie writes:

Came home after leaving Lucy and Trooper in the house for about two hours and the rascal had eaten all the goodies. This is what I sent to Lucy’s pet sitter and mail lady (who stops every day to give our beagles treats). Saint Trooper – who would have jumped up if he could have.


Anne writes:

Bailey is quite the ‘bird’ expert! She cooks a mean turkey.


Kate sent this great photo of her late and great Sophie and Polly, from a Christmas years ago.


“Giulirai” writes:

We used the pic for our Xmas Card. It is staged anyway. BJ does not even get close to the Xmas tree anymore. It does not smell like food. LOL The inside of the card says:
“Dear Santa, I have ben really, really good this year. I just thought I saw a squirrel in the tree … honestly!”


Harper writes:

Here’s Bartles…
He wiggled and snuggled his way up to my belly one night as we were settling down to sleep (I was actually reading) and I managed to get this picture… I could’ve propped my Nook up on his head to read better J

This is the view I get in the morning when Barts is digging me out of the covers… I figured the red comforter gives it a festive Christmas look 🙂



Jacqui writes:

Nathaniel (top) looks similar to Max in the Grinch…poor guy! I think I got the best of his dignity in this one…. And Phoebe just loves working it in her Santa sweater.


Jessica writes:

Here is a picture of my beagle Wally in his Santa outfit. He’s not normally a fan of wearing clothes, but he put up with me for a few seconds so I could get this shot. Wally loves baby carrots, so he was rewarded with a snack for being a good boy and posing for the camera.

This was taken a few days ago [early December, actually], right after our 2 year adoption anniversary (he turned 5 years old this summer). Wally is a big lover and requires lots of snuggles everyday. He’s a clown and definitely brings a lot of love and laughs to our family.

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