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Festive Jack

Posted by laurie on January 1, 2013


Deanna writes:

I just wanted to share a picture of our 7-month old beagle, Jack, posing with my daughter, Julie, in his Christmas sweater. He actually runs over and wants us to put it on him whenever we pull it out, he must know how dashing he looks in it! He was such a good boy during Christmas dinner, he actually fell asleep on his mat beside the table while we ate (our last beagle was not so well behaved!). He got his own special dinner after we were done eating for being such a good boy!

7 Responses to “Festive Jack”

  1. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    Jack is adorable. My parents were visiting for the weekend, and we went to PetSmart for food. Mom looked at the clothes, thinking Cobalt & Onyx would look adorable. They would, but they do NOT like clothes!

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Jack and Julie both look very happy and festive – what an adorable shot!

    Cody and Henry also do not care for clothing of any kind, much as I would love to buy them Christmas sweaters. Oh well – it is what it is . . .

  3. Linda UK said

    Jack is a sweetie – & indeed very dashing in his jacket. Perhaps a few sequins to match those of the young lady?!

  4. Cody and Henry's Aunt said

    Jack is a real cutie! He’s lucky he has such a good home!

  5. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    What a lucky and cooperative boy to allow the photo op…They look great together.
    Thanks for the pic.

  6. Angela said

    Oh my goodness, Jack is such a precious beagle pup! You can tell he adores his human sister!

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