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Happy new year!

Posted by laurie on January 2, 2013


Where to start? I guess with Christmas. For at least ten years now, we have spent Christmas with our friends Cathy and Judy, their friend Celia and her daughter, Sammi. We exchange presents, eat turkey and drink wine. I make dessert, this year a pumpkin cheesecake in a gingersnap crust. It’s such a lovely day. This is Cathy.


You know Sherman and Stanley, of course. The other four are: Keesha the Keeshound and Mojo the Schipperkee who belong to Cathy and Judy, Talie the Keeshound (and Keesha’s sister) and Frisky the Fuzzy Apricot Dog belonging to Cele and Sammi. Six people, six dogs. As it should be.

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