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Speak up?

Posted by laurie on January 18, 2013


My sister sent me this very funny card. Two dogs are talking to each other and one says, “I used to have a blog, but I gave it up for pointless, incessant barking. That’s my Stan. At some point in the past, I taught him that he could have a treat if he came inside when I called him. You can probably guess where this is going. He’s very good about coming in, and runs immediately to the kitchen. Whether or not I follow through on the treat, he usually goes back outside after a few minutes, because the acoustics are so great in the yard, he just needs to bark.

18 Responses to “Speak up?”

  1. Karen Spivey said

    My terrier Daisy Mae has her yapper on auto and it doesn’t have an off switch. My beagle Timmy is actually the most quiet of my 3 dogs.

  2. harperlea said

    I’ve always said that dogs need to bark periodically or they’ll explode… I tell my husband that when JD lab starts barking at nothing … Shotzy Girl (the German Shepard) is the most discerning when it comes to barking…. Only when necessary…

  3. Susan in DE said

    When I tell people I have a beagle, often I get the comment, “Oh, they howl all the time, don’t they?” Surprisingly, Josie is very quiet. I don’t think she’s ever barked inside the house, and only occasionally hoots at the wildlife outside the backyard fence (but when she gets started, stopping her isn’t easy). Jordan was more vocal, and would actually bay when people came to the door, but it was never pointless or incessant.

    When I walk Josie in the neighborhood, there are certain houses where I hear the dogs going nuts inside (they’re not even at always at their windows, they just “know” we’re walking by). I don’t know if I could stand having a dog that yapped at every noise and movement going on around your home.

    • Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

      I agree Susan. Kramer was usually quiet, unless he caught wind of something or the fence prevented him from treeing a chipmunk, but otherwise he was quiet. Gandolf rarely barks.

  4. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    Oh what a happy little hound though. 🙂

  5. Rusty Bob, Maggie Mae and Odie Bug Jackson- Texas said

    Now that Rusty is blind and can barely walk, his most favorite pastime is barking and sometimes just babbling. Of course we jump up and go help him up…..soooooo he has learned that if he just wants our attention….wait until we get back to bed and then give it another good barking!

  6. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    Barney is very quiet, Jodi is more vocal, howling at killer squirrels running the fence, etc. Huggie barks when we come home, when we feed him, and pretty much whenever. Having had the Beagles first who were realitvely quiet and then adodpting Huggie with his barking is taking some time to adjust. My husband is not adjusting as well as I am. That’s about all I can say about that 🙂

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

      That last sentence made me giggle. Mr. Peabody recently started singing for his supper – lots of arooing while I prepare the dishes. My husband doesn’t think it’s as cute as I do since the morning serenade tends to wake him up. Come to think of it, it’s probably waking the neighbors too!

  7. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    That’s our Sweetums. She could sleep through Dad coming home and shutting the car door but at night, she will bark at the sound of a leaf hitting the ground!! We never hear what she hears! Our neighbor goes to work at 3 am and she never barks at his car door shutting!!!

  8. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Our bark when there”s something to tell us about – a car door banging (might be people coming to our house) or something new or not where it should be. They know every leaf and twig on our regular walks and they’ll bark at anything that wasn’t there last time they passed that way – the other day it was a new ornamental wheelbarrow in someone’s garden. They both stopped, looked and wuffed to tell me there was something different – they don’t miss a thing!! Cassie has such a funny bark, quite high pitched and it ends in a sort of whiney growl! JB has a deep, boys type bark but neither of them howl, except when JB is lusting after a local bitch on heat. Then he howls for an hour or so after we get back from walkies – a treat or a game with a toy takes his mind off it though; he’s easily swayed!!

  9. I can’t believe I missed Wed & Thurs DD. Pit Bulls are very popular here cause the local guys think they are tough and macho. But like all dogs they need lots of training. So unfortunately most of the dogs at the humane society are pits. And they have a bad rep

    My neighbor has to move because her landlord is selling. She has the sweetest 15 year old pit named Nanea. Her nickname is BooBoo so you know she’s sweet. My friend is having trouble finding a place to rent because of her vicious pit. We told her to tell people she is terroir mix.

    Thank you for rescuing the pit bulls. Socialize and train and you will have a loving companion.

  10. donnabeaglemama said

    I forgot to mention that there is a pit beagle at the dog park named Mocha. I tried to find her picture last night. If I find it ill send to Laurie.

  11. Patr said

    Gracie Allen is our most vocal one. When she goes off, we say “Oh my, a worm just farted.” Because there is NOTHING out there 90% of the time.

    As I type, she just went off to sound the alarm, but a motorcycle did just rev up next door. George and Gracie learned to go bat-sh**-crazy from another dog that lived next door when motorcycles rev. I hated that dog from the time it moved in until it left about 2 years ago!

    George rarely barks for the joy of barking. He will bark at other dogs and motorcycles, but that is about it.

    Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

    • Susan in DE said

      So Patr, when I was reading this around 7:30 pm Eastern today, did Gracie bark because she heard a 40-something woman in Delaware peeing her pants and snorking with laughter over your farting worm comment? ;->

  12. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    My darlings are not the quiet type. Most of the time, I don’t mind it. They have different barks or bays for different things. There’s the ‘happy to see you’, the ‘someone is on our turf (aka walking past our house)’, the ‘alarm bark’ (something bad is happening), the ‘I’m ticked off bark’ (a favorite of Onyx’s when she is attacking Cobalt) and the ‘I wanna play’ bark. To name a few.

    When I come home at lunch and again at the end of the day, Onyx has to bark to tell me about her day. I’ve gotten used to walking into another room if I’m on the phone and someone dares walk past our house (Susan in DE- ours are the dogs going nuts in the houses!). The only time I really mind their vocals is when I have a migraine… then there is nothing beautiful about their baying. 🙂

    I think their favorite spot though is our vet’s office. The acoustics are such that their voices just echo from one end to the other, and I think my dogs enjoy hearing it.

  13. Gretchen Kasch said

    My beagle, Frazzel barks at 7am for breakfast and at 5pm for dinner. She continues to randomly bark until I feed her. Besides barking for mealtimes to begin she isn’t too much of a barker. She is 14 1/2years old and when she barks she sounds rather silly because her bark sounds old and tired out.

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Henry’s bark sounds that way, too, but only in the house. When he’s outside and on a scent he can be heard all over the neighborhood!

  14. Ellen said

    Shorty and Bentley are our yard guards. They bark at anyone or thing walking down the alley. If it’s interesting, Hemi will go outside, and check. If it’s really interesting, it will rouse old Miss Abby, and get her outside. The yappy terrier next door barks at EVERYTHING. Thank goodness she is only let out for short periods, because she drives me insane.

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