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Meet Harley

Posted by laurie on January 21, 2013


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine inviting a pit bull onto my lap. But 11 month old Harley is as sweet as he looks. Aunt Nancy brought him over on Saturday and Sunday to socialize with the boys. Aren’t his ears cute? They’ll stay uncropped. As Nancy said, “If anyone in the family gets cosmetic surgery, it will be me.”


This is how Sherman socializes. He is happy to meet any dog, but prefers his rest and tummy rubs. He didn’t mind sharing the couch with Harley. Stanley, on the other hand was his usual “I’ll growl and bark at him, show him I’m the boss even though I’m really, really, really scared.” Harley so wanted to play with Stan but it didn’t happen. We’ll try again next weekend.

P.S. Harley says, “Happy Birthday, Evan!!”

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