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Open for discussion: January 24

Posted by laurie on January 24, 2013

18 Responses to “Open for discussion: January 24”

  1. Karen Spivey said

    Maybe it’s the freezing weather here in Connecticut–my 12-year-old pointer was playing with the stuffed hedgehog toy, running around, and barking like crazy. On the other hand, the cold just makes me want to sit inside and have a hot drink.

  2. Karen Spivey said

    I know that some of you like horses as well as dogs. Well, is offering a free online course on equine nutrition and it starts Jan 28. Look here: I can’t say enough good things about Coursera!

    • harperlea said

      Thanks Karen! I’ll have to check it out.
      (my old 25-year old is getting fussy in his old age… )
      I have him on Equine Senior and alfalfa cubes (compressed alfalfa flakes – the hay can’t be tossed on the the ground and so my horse — knocking on wood — no longer gets sand colic).

  3. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    Aww how cute. Mine get frisky in the cooler weather, rarely gets your kind of cold here. Give your baby an ear rub from me.

  4. 17 degrees here in New Jersey this morning. Holly has no problems running right out for her morning pee. Buddy on the other hand refuses to go out in the cold or rain. ( loves romping in the snow- go figure ) and I hope he is not secretly peeing in the house. I have yet to find it – but I keep looking.

    • Karen Spivey said

      Yes, when the dogs refuse to go out, I always have to worry about secret pee pee in the house. Sometimes not so secret.

    • Lynne said

      Our Judy does not like the cold often laying low hoping we will not notice she has not gone out. When she does go out it is pee real quick and then she wants to come right back in. When she gets back in she races around the house, up and down the stairs all energized from the cold. Her in the house pee spot is not secret at all, yellow puddles in the kitchen. Better than on the rug.

  5. Karen Spivey said

    Laurie, Did Phillip see “Rise of the Drones” on Nova last night? It only occurred to me that he would enjoy it (since he served in the Air Force) after it started. He can watch it online if he missed it:

  6. harperlea said

    So my brief story regarding Bartles and his shoes… (stop me if you’ve heard this one before :))

    From day 1 of Bartles’ adoption, he has sat at my husband’s feet when he’s putting on and taking off his shoes. My husband started telling Bartles, “we’ll just have to get you your own pair of shoes…”; so back in November (a year and a month later) we found dog shoes on sale at Petsmart ($12.99 for 4). We got him the large size (Basset hound huge feet, but stubby legs)…Got home, put them on him, and HE LOVED THEM. Did not try to take them off, but the length up his legs was too long, so they were slipping off… we took them off, and Bartles proceeded to whine for the next 20 to 30 minutes… he LOVES his shoes…. Pretty nifty for $12.99 too: fleece lined, “gripper” non skid “soles” (soft & pliable and “semi water resistant” though), and fancy reflector racing stripes on the front.
    Anyway, periodically we put them on him and he just loves cruising around wearing his footwear…. it’s the cutest thing.

    As for weather and dogs… my dogs don’t go too nuts because of the weather, but the cat does. Tang is a nut case… I think its because he was raised by a Beagle 🙂 The cat will race around (eyes huge & dialated) pounce on everyone and everything, and then rub all over a dog bed and settle in for a nap. Pure cat weirdness.

    • We have got to see a picture of Bartles wearing the shoes.

    • Linda UK said

      Love this story of Bartles’ shoes 🙂
      Dylan loves the snow, snuffles around in it like mad. He doesn’t bother about the cold at all. We don’t get much snow in the UK (everything grinds to a halt though when we do!!) but have recently had couple of inches.

    • Scooby's Mom said

      Awe, that’s the best doggy shoe story ever! So cute! i would love to see a picture of Bartles in his shoes!

    • Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

      When Cassie cut her paw two years ago and had to have it stitched, we bought a boot to protect it, but she’s got such skinny legs it wouldn’t stay on. So it didn’t get used, but when JB cut his paw later we tried it on him. Well, you’d have thought we were trying to amputate his foot, he made such a fuss! After trying it once we couldn’t get near him with it again, so I eventually gave it to a colleague at work who had a Labrador with a cut paw. It seemed like such a good idea when I bought it …………… !!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Love the story of Bartles and his shoes! Please send a picture (if you can get one!)

    • Karen Spivey said

      I would LOVE to see a pictures of Bartles in Boots. Does he wear fleece slippers in the house?

  7. Scooby's Mom said

    A quick cold weather beagle story…

    Scooby woke up my husband at 5:00am this morning. He comes up the doggy stairs on my husband’s side of the bed & whines at him. However this morning he was more insistent than normal…his need for the bathroom seemed urgent! So Brian let Scooby out and he ran down the deck into the snow and proceeded to roll around in it for 10 minutes! No need for the bathroom, he just wanted to roll around in the fresh snow! What a beagle!

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