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Archive for January 31st, 2013

Hospital Day 1

Posted by laurie on January 31, 2013

Yesterday started out well. Laurie was alert and comfortable. In general her pain was 2/10 if she didn’t move but shot to 10/10 if she did move. She then started to experience more pain at about 12:00. This increased slowly until she was 6/10 even when she was still. Of course her neurologist husband, who is has been in medicine 28 years, is of no use what so ever and goes to visions of Sigourney Weaver every time Laurie winces, was freaking out. The surgeon came by and examined her. He was not concerned, adjusted her pain meds and Laurie was soon comfortable again.

I then went home to feed the boys and give them some attention. When I returned she had rolled onto her side and had used the spirometer to keep her lungs clear. HUGE strides forward. We are much relieved.

Thanks to Rita for keeping me calm. Thanks to all of you for your messages. I read them to her and she enjoyed them very much.

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