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Open for discussion: January 17

Posted by laurie on January 17, 2013

P.S., Aunt Nancy left a long, heartfelt comment on yesterday’s post. Be sure to read it. (It’s at the bottom, for now)

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Pileup on highway sofa

Posted by laurie on January 16, 2013


This is from New Year’s Eve, and that’s Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy being attacked by two wild beagles. We had lobster for dinner, and for dessert I made this decadent double chocolate pie. Wow, quite a pie. So here is the story on Bob and Nancy’s dog situation. They have not been able to find a rescue doxie in any state near here, but on the request of their son, they agreed to foster two pit bulls that he pulled from a shelter. The friendliest, sweetest pit bulls you can imagine. Sadly, however, the female (Luna) became extremely ill and had to be put to sleep after the vet found advanced cancer. They still have Harley, who they adore, and they’re still looking for a dachshund to adopt.

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Beasley is growing

Posted by laurie on January 15, 2013


John and Patti write:

Beasley is growing like a weed and the lights are on and someone is home! Of course, most of his budding intellect is devoted to figuring out how to get into trouble.

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Posted by laurie on January 14, 2013


Stanley has been a bit better behaved in bed but is still logging some crate time. As soon as Phillip lifts him off the bed Stan walks right into the crate. Back in the old days when Scooter would “go mental”, we would put him into the closest bathroom and shut the door. After a few times he, too would save us the extra step and walk right in. Silly, silly beagles.

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Hard to breathe

Posted by laurie on January 11, 2013



The winner of the caption contest is Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz for “Two Dog Couch. Humans optional.”

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Posted by laurie on January 10, 2013


Jan writes:

This is Willow, who’s 2.5 or thereabouts, and an SOS alumna. We adopted her in June, six months after losing Brownie, who’d been with us 10 years and was nearly 13. Willow is sharp as a tack and silly as all beagles. In the second photo, she’s enjoying the snuggle ball bed I made for her for Christmas. She actually gave me a kiss on the nose after I put her in it the first time!

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Posted by laurie on January 9, 2013


Sherman had his teeth cleaned the Friday after Christmas. While he was there, they also removed his hind dew claws, which were unattached and waiting to get caught on something and bleed like crazy. He did fine, although it appeared that he didn’t use the restroom at all because when he came home he peed for about 15 minutes and then pooped. He was a little groggy but by Saturday he was completely fine. And with nice shiny teeth and almost invisible little rows of stitches on his paws. Between the dental, the dew claws and meds, the total bill was $567.30, and insurance doesn’t cover it. We’re trying to find Sherman a job so he can contribute to the family coffers.

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Open for discussion: January 8

Posted by laurie on January 8, 2013

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Feng Shui

Posted by laurie on January 7, 2013


I believe I’ve mentioned that Stanley has taken to growling when being moved in bed, but that he always has a kiss after. Well, the other night Stan snapped at Phillip instead of kissing him. Into the crate he went. Now we’re trying to get rid of the growling, and as you can imagine, he’s been logging a lot of crate time. I just wonder if he can remember the association. When Phillip tells me something in the middle of the night, I rarely remember it the next day. This might take awhile, but we’d really like to extinguish the growling behavior. I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. The photos and caption are all Phillip’s.

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Prepare for take off

Posted by laurie on January 4, 2013


This was last week, when we got about 2″ of snow. Not enough to cause headaches but just enough to create a beautiful winter wonderland. Stanley was howling at something next door (snowflake? puff of wind?). In the scuba world we call these ears “neutrally buoyant.”

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