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What a difference a day makes Hospital Day 2

Posted by laurie on February 1, 2013

Yesterday was a good day. Laurie stood up and walked a few steps. Most, shall we say, bodily functions are working. All according to schedule. She was VERY drowsy but it was because they gave some of her meds at the wrong time of the day. We’re fixing that. Today she’ll be walking big time. No predictions yet on when things will happen. I couldn’t be there for rounds so I left a big note for the team to call me when they came by. They didn’t call. Doctors!!! — go figure.

Seriously the hospital has been great and so have all of you with your comments. Laurie read them last night, it made her smile. Let’s see if she is up to commenting herself today. Oh and feel free to talk about other beagle things as well as Laurie.

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