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Sara and Vous

Posted by laurie on February 13, 2013


This of course is Phillip’s sister Sara with her sheltie Vous. She’s eating a sandwich, can you tell? My diet for a few weeks is low-fiber. Cream of Wheat for breakfast, peanut butter or turkey/cheese on white bread for lunch. No fruits or vegetables. Since my appetite is at only about 70%, it’s not too much of a hardship.

In yesterday’s comments, my friend Julia pointed out that many Asian people are afraid of dogs because they didn’t grow up with them in their homes. This might explain things, as my nurse is Filipino. Anyway, she called from the driveway so I locked the boys in the bedroom with the help of two Denastix treats. We went to the guestroom and were serenaded with their howling (Sherman – quite a surprise) and barking (Stanley) for most of the twenty or so minutes it took to change the bandage. I felt terrible for the boys but there was nothing I could do. The good news is that my incision continues to heal very nicely, and she believes that when I go to the hospital tomorrow for a wound check they will say I don’t need the drain/pump thing I have to carry around. Making progress every day!

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