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Posted by laurie on February 19, 2013


Kim writes:

Rusty Bob Jackson crossed Rainbow Bridge on February 2, 2013 – where he was joyfully met by his brother, Ian Hunter Jackson who preceded him passing in 2004. Rusty lived a charmed life having been found by his father Roy Jackson 13 or so years ago while Rusty was dodging cars on a busy lunch hour in front of HEB. His new daddy snatched him up and carried him to the car where his new mommy, Kim Jackson waited anxiously. After eating a couch, recliner and various other household items over the next few months, Rusty settled in with the grace ad good cheer that only a beagle can impart to those around him. His favorite pasttime was of course eating. Rusty never passed on a bowl of anyone’s food from the Vet’s cat bowl to the bowls of his siblings. He enjoyed napping on the back of sofas and squishy chairs as well as a favorite sunny spot where he dreamed of chasing rabbits and squirrels.

Rusty’s talents included a chocolate eyed stare that was irresistible, unconditional love to his family, and a heart so big that nobody could resist his charm. He is missed by his family and will always be in our hearts. Well done Rusty. Good job boy.

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