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Posted by laurie on February 26, 2013


My parents moved to Florida while I was in college and I’ve spent many vacations in the Palm Beach / Boca Raton corridor. This was the first time I went to the west coast, and I just loved it. We went to this beautiful place called Little Gasparilla Island. It’s about 10 miles long and you have to take a ferry to get there. This is the bay that you cross and that’s the island in the distance.


Once you’re there you get around on golf carts. No golf course, just miles and miles of beautiful beaches. I was SO happy to be in the warm sunshine on the beach.


Parts of the beach are covered in shells and it’s impossible not to pick them up. There are also shark teeth to be found. You can find half a dozen in just a small area. They are old, as in millions of years.


You don’t see sunsets over on the east coast. We saw three gorgeous ones.

We went directly to Audrey’s house from the airport to pick up the boys. She wanted to borrow Sherm for a little longer and I told her that we’d trade for Buddy, but we ended up keeping our own beagles. Audrey said they were good boys, and that they’re welcome to come back when Phillip and I go to Jamaica in April. Thanks, Audrey, Kevin, Buddy and Holly!

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