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We can help. Really!

Posted by laurie on February 28, 2013


My sister wanted to come out when I got out of the hospital, but since she and her hubbie Rick had already planned a visit this week to coincide with a weekend wedding in northern NJ, I told her no. I managed fine and it’s great to have them here now. Yesterday Nancy and I went on a successful reconnaissance expedition to located the Trader Joes near of Princeton. And today we’re going to New Hope in Pennsylvania to do a little shopping. Rick will stay home with the boys. Both Nancy and Rick have been helping out with the cooking, and just look who has stepped up to the plate to assist them!

16 Responses to “We can help. Really!”

  1. Nancy said

    I can’t wait to take a similarly unflattering photo of you, dear sister! After all, weren’t we taught as young kids to do unto others…? I’m grateful that at least all the boys are particularly photogenic! And are they ever cute! It’s my first time meeting them in person, and snuggling with them sure helps our basset withdrawal.

  2. Marci said

    Always willing,aren’t they?

  3. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    Nice to see that some Beagles will give you space. Mine are usually between the counter and me.

    • harperlea said

      Bartles is the same way… Either right behind me or trying to get my attention by climbing up my legs. I call all my pups “my furry speed bumps ” since they all manage to lay in my path of travel. We have a galley kitchen – long and narrow and not much space.

  4. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Heh. I have kitchen help too. Loafie is usually between me and the counter/stove/sink. Right this very second she’s trying to get between me and my Eggo.

    I’ve tried – weakly – to keep her out of the way in the kitchen, but the reality is, she has never had food fall on her head while she was laying nicely in her bed in the corner. So she ain’t moving from the catbird seat next to the counter, where occasionally a stray tortellini will fall her way.

  5. Jackson Pack - Abilene Texas said

    Sisters! I have two and we “do unto ‘each’ other as often as possible! But sisters are wonderful to have and even more so when you need them!

  6. Karen Spivey said

    Open the refrigerator door, or even rattle some foil or take out a dish, and the dogs appear by magic! It’s the only time they seem to have good hearing.

  7. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    How nice that Nancy and Rick are visiting. It’s been a long time, but I remember New Hope as a lovely town to wander around, hope you are having fun.

    Nancy, has Sherman found your lap and held you captive on the couch yet?

  8. Luana,Cody, and Henry said

    On a completely different subject: I just came from taking Henry to the vet. He’s been coughing A LOT, and the medication he got a couple of months ago never really helped him. Now the vet thinks he may have pneumonia, and a lymph note is mildly enlarged. She thought maybe a heart murmur, but can’t really hear because of congestion in his lungs.His white blood cell count is elevated. Blood chemistry is normal, as is his temperature. Spleen is mildly enlarged.

    He has two antibiotics and a water pill to take twice a day. I tried to give him his first round of pills when we got home, but because he’s coughing so much and so badly, he brought up all the pills I tried to get down his throat. He has no appetite, so I can’t use food to get him to take the pills.

    I’m going to get a syringe this afternoon from the vet and buy a pill crusher. My plan is to crush the pills into powder, put them in the syringe along with some water, and shoot them down his throat. Vet says these medications only come in pill form, not as liquid.

    Everyone – Please send prayers and positive energy Henry’s way – thank you!

  9. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    I had to give my cat meds one time and the Vet had them coumpounded (made into a gell like sustance). I just put the “stuff” in her ear. Poor Henry, give him extra hugs from me. Hope he’s well soon, nothing worse than our babies being ill.

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