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Open for discussion: April 30

Posted by laurie on April 30, 2013

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Welcome Lady

Posted by laurie on April 29, 2013


Susan (from DE) writes:

We are once again a two dog household! “Lady” arrived yesterday, she’s 9 years old (Josie is 13!) and as you can see, a little smaller than Josie. They’re getting along fine, but aren’t really “hanging out” together just yet (Except in the kitchen, of course!).

Don’t let Lady’s name, petite stature and demure posing for the camera fool you … this 25 pound critter is more beagle than both Josie and Jordan ever were. Rob had to “bear proof” the kitchen, so now we have child safety latches on the cabinets where there is food or trash, and the dishwasher must be thoroughly clicked shut if there are dirty dishes in it. And apparently, Josie and Jordan really never alerted us to exactly how many squirrels there are in the woods around the house — apparently millions, and a beagle really should be baying at them regularly throughout the day.

Lady came with a small crate, and that’s her bedroom of choice. However, it’s a rule that all unattended pillows in the house are Josie’s, and this afternoon we found her curled up asleep inside Lady’s crate, testing out her pillow. I thought we were going to have to call the fire department to bring the jaws of life to get her out, it was kind of a tight squeeze!

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Al fresco

Posted by laurie on April 26, 2013


I usually get home from work before Phillip and the routine is like this: open the door and greet two beagles jumping up on me. Sherman then runs up the three steps, howls and comes back down. (I’ve only ever heard that howl in this context.) I put down my bag and phone and keys, then let Sherman jump up some more. Stanley has already gone into the kitchen to sit in front of his bowl. I take a spoon and pull out a can of dog food from the pantry, pick up their bowls and do my best to dole it out 50/50. Sherman gets his first. Stanley has to siiiit and waaaaiit, then gets his. Lots of rules.

You can imagine the anarchy that resulted from taking this picture. Before the kitchen I had to detour into the dining room to get the camera and pre-open the sliding glass door. They followed me in utter confusion. Back to the kitchen where I doled out their food. They sat in their positions, waiting, waiting, waiting. But no, I put the camera around my neck and brought the bowls outside. They were beside themselves with excitement, but once they started eating peace and harmony were restored to their world. That was my exciting Thursday night.

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Beasley at six months

Posted by laurie on April 25, 2013


John writes:

Beasley is doing well – he is all boy and all Beagle! He gets neutered Thursday morning. (That’s today!)

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I wasn’t using it anyway

Posted by laurie on April 24, 2013


This reminded me of the February 8th photo snuggling with Sherman when I got home from the hospital. Don’t I look SO much better with a tan? (Joke.)

Phillip took this on Saturday. The boys were a little clingy, understandably so, and also quite tired, like Buddy and Holly. Nothing like 10 days at camp to tire out four beagles.

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Open for discussion: April 23

Posted by laurie on April 23, 2013

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No problem!

Posted by laurie on April 22, 2013


Oh oh oh, we had such a wonderful time.  Judy and Cathy are flanking the other side of Hooper, one of the dive guys.  I didn’t bring my underwater camera because, frankly, the diving is nothing greater than mediocre.  But we had fun anyway.


The mornings and early afternoons were beautiful. (This, by the way, is my favorite shot from the whole trip.)


Some afternoons it rained so we sat out on the porch. Judy introduced me to this logic game called Kakuro (sort of like Sudoku) and I quickly became obsessed. (Second favorite.)


The west coast sunsets were nothing like the ones in New Jersey. (Third favorite.)


We celebrated our 22nd anniversary while we were there. See what I’ve had to live with for the past 22 years?

The boys had an equally wonderful time at Camp LaBolle. Audrey sent us emails and photos every day and I have to say that, while we missed them, we did not worry about them for ONE second. Audrey and Kevin plus Buddy and Holly took such great care of them. We’re looking forward to reciprocating next September unless of course we can get them sooner!

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Open for discussion: April 9 – 19

Posted by laurie on April 9, 2013

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There’s Waldo!

Posted by laurie on April 8, 2013


The packing is nearly complete. We have a checklist for this trip so it’s not too difficult albeit time-consuming. One of the grad students in the lab heard I was going away and offered to house/dog-sit. I took her up on the former, but the boys are going to Camp LaBolle, where they will be spoiled rotten along with Buddy and Holly.

P.S. The health insurance statements are coming in and the amount billed (as opposed to the amount the provider receives) is over $100,000 already! I only owe a few (phew!) co-pays.

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Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s GO!

Posted by laurie on April 5, 2013


Phillip finally felt healthy enough to take the boys out for a walk yesterday. I was barely able to get Sherman’s harness on because he was so excited and when he saw Phillip change from his slippers into sneakers he became positively ecstatic. I didn’t think it was a good idea for Phillip to go on a walk given that just the day before he was having trouble catching his breath. But he was okay and all three of them made it home. I still haven’t caught the cold and it’s been a week since Phillip was symptomatic so my fingers are crossed.

The boys are staying with Buddy and Holly, and Aunt Audrey and Uncle Kevin. Huge thanks to the whole family! I’m not sure what to do about posting on the 10-19th. Should I have one open discussion or eight?

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