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Al fresco

Posted by laurie on April 26, 2013


I usually get home from work before Phillip and the routine is like this: open the door and greet two beagles jumping up on me. Sherman then runs up the three steps, howls and comes back down. (I’ve only ever heard that howl in this context.) I put down my bag and phone and keys, then let Sherman jump up some more. Stanley has already gone into the kitchen to sit in front of his bowl. I take a spoon and pull out a can of dog food from the pantry, pick up their bowls and do my best to dole it out 50/50. Sherman gets his first. Stanley has to siiiit and waaaaiit, then gets his. Lots of rules.

You can imagine the anarchy that resulted from taking this picture. Before the kitchen I had to detour into the dining room to get the camera and pre-open the sliding glass door. They followed me in utter confusion. Back to the kitchen where I doled out their food. They sat in their positions, waiting, waiting, waiting. But no, I put the camera around my neck and brought the bowls outside. They were beside themselves with excitement, but once they started eating peace and harmony were restored to their world. That was my exciting Thursday night.

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